We bought diapers today…

For the DOG.

How fun, that we had to go buy DOG DIAPERS before we’re even able to think about BABY diapers. Blech.

But we actually did buy baby diapers… or toddler pullups, rather. Petco wasn’t open after 9pm for real doggie diapers and Tali started bleeding just a little after that time, so we had to run to Fred Meyer for the largest pullups we could find. Poor Tali. She absolutely hates them and thinks she’s in trouble.

I feel your pain, sweetie! I hate PMS too!!! 

6 thoughts on “We bought diapers today…”

  1. Look for “bitches britches” online for your dog. If you buy a couple of those, you won’t have to spend all the money on disposable diapers.. and you can just place a pad in them to catch the bleeding.

  2. aaawwww! How sweet and kinda sad! Sad for Tali, poor thing. Nala totally felt like she was in trouble when she needed her diapers.

  3. @T – I’ll have to take a look at those for next time, thanks!

    @Ana – She’s finally getting used to them after 4 days, but I’m sure she’ll be relieved when it’s over!!

    @Sarah – Clearly, we haven’t spayed her. :) I understand your feelings on rescuing doggies, however we do plan to breed her. She’s a hunting dog from great lines, and we would like to continue that. My family & friends have rescued many dogs (and cats… all of mine came from the pound)over the years, and I’m POSITIVE Adam and I will get a “pound puppy” in the future. Thank you so much for the links! I hope anyone reading this who hasn’t spayed and doesn’t plan to breed for a good reason will click through to the resources you supplied. :)

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