Wardrobe Malfunction

Throwback Thursday! Here’s a teeny little post from… we’ll say 2007 maybe.



Scene: At lunch in a quaint little cafe here in Anchorage (Doriola’s)

Me: Blah blabbity blah, I totally need to buy new work clothes. Mine are all old and faded and pilling. I wear the same three sweaters like every day.

Molly: Yeah, blabbity blah, Nordstrom sale…

Me: Mmhmm, but I’m cheep. I shop at Old Navy and JCPenney for my work clothes.

Molly: Oh, you know I like them too, except Old Navy tank tops stretch out in my boob area.

Me: *remembering that I’m wearing an Old Navy tank top beneath sweater #2 (of 3) this very day* Really? Because I don’t have that problem… actually I’m wearing one today!

At this point, I’m reaching down my shirt to investigate whether or not my boob area is stretched out, when I have an epiphany.

Me: oh um, actually maybe I do have that problem, which might explain why I’m WEARING MY SHIRT BACKWARDS. At least it would be a good explanation, had I actually done it on purpose.

So for anyone who has the Old Navy Tank Top Stretchy Booby Issue, just remember that I have test driven the solution: you can just wear it backwards.

You’re welcome.