Sorry I’ve been unavailable, I’m folding socks…

I wrote a while back about how I don’t do Adam’s laundry… stop judging me, he’s a dude and his laundry is gross. And he generates like, seven times as much dirty clothing as I do so if I did his laundry I’d be doing laundry all day every damn day.

Anyway, I was feeling nice recently (no idea why) and while he was gone for the weekend I decided I’d surprise him by getting his MOUNTAIN of smelly clothes all clean and put away (you know now that I think about it, I might not actually have been feeling nice, but actually super-annoyed that I couldn’t walk through our bedroom…).

You guys, I’d just like to give you an idea of  how long it’s been since Adam actually operated the washing machine. Here is a breakdown of all of the separate categories of clothing – each which constituted a FULL load of laundry – I had to lay out before I even started this chore: 

1. boxers

2. white socks

3. hunting socks

4. button-up work shirts

5. fleece pants

6. waffle shirts (long-john material)

7. orange t-shirts

8. dark t-shirts

9. white t-shirts

10. jeans

11. weird materials (workout shirts, nylon, underarmour, etc.)

12. cargo shorts

13. sweatshirts/sweatpants

14. miscellaneous color load

Okay… I know who I married, so I’m not particularly surprised by most of this, but who the heck has an entire load of dirty hunting socks??? Or really, an entire load of orange t-shirts?


Aaaaaaaand now I’ve retreated blissfully back into my “no man-laundry” rule after a weekend spent folding laundry gave me carpal-tunnel. Next time you see my husband, tell him his socks look clean.

4 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been unavailable, I’m folding socks…”

  1. Where do all those clothes go once clean? I’m not sure they make a dresser that will hold that much clothing…also what was he wearing when that was all dirty? Was he just buying new clothes rather than washing them? Haha I ask this stuff cuz this is stuff I ask Matt when dealing with his laundry…

  2. You can pay by the pound at the laundromat north of Lake Otis and Dowling. Sometimes my husband gets fed up and takes huge piles there. It can get expensive, but is so worth it.

  3. Jackie- By the POUND? Hold moly that would be so expensive. I got a workout just carrying all of that up and down the stairs, lol!

    Cindy- he has more clothes than anyone you will ever meet in your life. The last time I asked him to go through his closet and get rid of stuff, he chose to throw out like 7 shirts. That’s it.

  4. YES!!! A load of hunting socks. He seriously needs to come up to go for a Caribou hunt this fall.

    My husband has a load of hunting socks too!!! AND they all stink. But no matter how much I love him, if I EVER do his laundry, I would NEVER separate them…. haha.

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