Jewelry in Candles GIVEAWAY

WINNER UPDATE: Commenter JEN, congratulations! You’ve got your apple harvest candle wish – hope you get something awesome inside! :) Please email me your shipping info and confirm that you want the apple candle, and I’ll have Julie send it your way! (And then when you find out what jewelry is in your candle, please let us know!)



Hey friends! With Christmas just around the corner, Julie from Jewelry in Candles would like to offer up a FREE candle (or tart) to one lucky reader!

If you haven’t seen these things yet, check them out. They are so neat! Basically, it’s a super yummy-smelling soy candle that has a unique piece of jewelry in it. They’re nicely wrapped so they don’t get all waxy, and each candle has something different in it – I’ve even seen a Tiffany necklace come out of one! Check out some of these examples:

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So here’s the deal… Julie is giving away one free candle or tart of your choice. All you have to do is go check out the website, like her Facebook page, and leave a comment here telling me which scent you think you would like the best.

See the Jewelry in Candles website HERE.

Check out the Facebook page HERE.

Now tell me what you think! :)

I’ll choose a random commenter on Wednesday, December 4 to win a free candle or tart! Good luck, lovelies!

Also, for those of you who might not want to wait, there is a great special for Jewelry in Candles going on right now. Need some Christmas ideas?

Buy 2 candles or tarts- get 15% off  (Code: SMELLSGREAT)
Buy 3 candles or tarts- get 20% off (Code: SHOPWITHME)

This time of year…

This is the time of year when I allow myself to go back to that night. I allow myself to remember everything about the moment my ears were assaulted with the news, and the moments immediately following. Adam and I, collapsing into a tangled heap on our hardwood floor; Tali jumping all over us while my mom tried to control her. My fingers trembling as I struggled to dial my mother-in-law’s phone number. Choking out the words and trying not to vomit.

“Dirk’s been shot.”

I have days every now and then where I’m driving in my car and tears just start falling, or I’m watching my kids tickle each other and tears just start falling, or I glance at a picture of him on my living room wall and tears just start falling. I can usually swipe them away quickly before anyone notices, but that becomes increasingly difficult come this time of year. The beautiful, crisp, yellow leaves that cover the ground right now? They remind me of that night, that time of year. Halloween, unfortunately, reminds me of that night, and that time of year. I still have the package of paint I purchased because Adam had begged me to let him draw an eyeball on my giant pregnant belly for Halloween that year. We obviously never got to that, and now the paint sits untouched, unopened, in the back of a cabinet where I keep random supplies. I came across it when I pulled out the pumpkin-carving tools last week, and… tears just started falling.

I’ve spent a lot of time being “okay” with everything, and thankful that Dirk is in a better place, and comforted knowing that we had a wonderful guardian angel, and blah, blah blah. Right now… this time of year… I just want him here. I MISS HIM. I want to tell him all of the ridiculous things Ellie says EVERY DAY, and I want him to melt just like Adam does whenever he sees Jameson, and I want him to tell me all about how I’m being too lenient with my little bratty toddler, and I want to show him the picture of Ellie’s first fish, and I wanted him to be there for Ellie’s first fish, dammit.

I want him here for me, and I want him here for my girls, but most of all I want my husband to have his dad. Here. Now. Alive.

I want him to hug me again, just like he did the last time I saw him - a great big giant bear-hug, where he picked me up off the ground even though I was 9 months pregnant.

I just… really, really miss him.

It’ll get easier, come January, I know. It always does. We’ll be going into our fourth year without him now… but come this time of year, it always seems like yesterday.

Go hug your families. Great big giant bear-hugs.




Built Baby Collection Review

BUILT has launched their new Baby Collection just in time for baby shower season (seriously, everyone I know is popping out a kid or two in the next few months)! Along with a few really cute diaper bags and other products, they are offering the Bottle Buddy One Bottle Tote for $11.99 , the Two Bottle Tote for $16.99 and the Three Bottle Tote for $24.99. The neoprene material is stretchy, stain-resistant, machine washable and has a zip closure. Plus, it keeps the bottles warm (or cold) for quite a while.

I received the Three Bottle Tote and a Single Pacifier Holder ($7.99), both in Baby Blue Stripe print, to review. My initial reaction was that the tote was fairly small, but you guys – it holds a lot! I no longer have “new-mommy-diaper-bag-syndrome” (where one feels the need to pack up the entire house into a diaper bag), so this little tote has actually been perfect for my quick trips to the grocery store, a friend’s house for dinner, or Bouncin’ Bears to wear the kids out so Mommy can enjoy a glass of wine or 4 at night.

p194709b p194713b

I’ve been keeping the Three Bottle Tote ready to grab with small package of wipes, 4 diapers and a tube of A&D ointment. There really isn’t a reason I would be out long enough to need more than one bottle for Jamie, so when I need to run out the door I make a quick hot bottle, throw it in the tote and pack everyone into the car. It’s been so handy! I love that the neoprene keeps the bottle warm, so I don’t need to worry about finding a bottle warmer or a separate insulated bag to put inside of my diaper bag.

The Pacifier Holder is adorable – Jamie doesn’t use a binky though, so Ellie likes to keep princess fruit snacks in it. Works great!

The entire Built Baby Collection comes in really cute complementary colors, and is made of neoprene (the wetsuit material!). Check everything out online at – keep in mind that Christmas is coming up! :)

Happy shopping!

Stur Natural Water Enhancer Review

SuperFamily recently received a box of new water enhancers to try out – anyone ever heard of STUR? The bottles look similar to any of the new squeeze-flavors you can find in stores currently, like Crystal Light, Mio, etc. We were particularly interested in this brand because SuperHubs has been on a “no artificial sweetener” kick since about April – meaning no Splenda, SweetnLow, Equal, or anything of the sorts. Stevia is the ONLY sweetener he will allow into his body, besides actual real sugar, and STUR is a stevia-based natural sweetener designed to perk up your water.
3f970be9677c002fc91e6773b453d0d4f1c9171d-ms_full sturwaterenhancer-588x308
As I mentioned in my Uncommon Goods post recently, I’ve been trying to drink a LOT more water – and man, that’s just so difficult to do. Water gets so boring after a while! These new STUR flavor enhancers are a perfect fix – a quick squeeze into my gym water bottle, and I’m sipping away at refreshing cucumber-mint water while sweating my booty off. Here’s a little more info:
About Stur:
The founder created it when his wife was pregnant with twins and he wanted to help her drink more water throughout her pregnancy. The U.S. Institutes of Medicine recommend Americans drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Among other things, water helps maintain the balance of body fluids, can help control calories, helps energize muscles, helps keep skin looking good, and helps your kidneys flush out toxins.
  • Lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract
  • Natural fruit flavors â–ª Zero calories â–ª Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Caffeine free
  • Vegan
  • 7 essential vitamins – A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12
  • Add to water, soda water and even cocktails!
  • Portable – great for travel



  • Cucumber Mint
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Mango
  • PomeCranberry
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon Tea


I’m not giving any away at this point, but if you’re interested in trying out STUR you can find it at or on Amazon at

Genius (ridiculousness?) runs in my family

Look, I know that I’m ridiculous and that I tell ridiculous stories about my ridiculous life… but it TOTALLY RUNS IN MY FAMILY (and you know you love it) :

A very oooold email I just found from my sister (2007 maybe?)…

“So I am in the grocery store checkout line debating in my head whether I should play the grocery game* out to the car or take a cart. Well the bagger guy gives me a cart just in case. I push the cart out and stop by the doors to put it away because I KNOW I can make it out to the car**, with all 10-12 bags I might add.
Oh and by the way I look like poop. I am wearing stretched out jeans with a giant sweater that almost reaches my knees! I had also just took off my five fake elashes that I glue on every morning!***
Anyway I am in the middle of grabbing the last bag, my back is all hunched over and I am struggling, who do I see? John****! My ex boyfriend! UGH!
So he comes over to talk. He is saying hi and talking while I am holding what felt like six bags of straight spaghetti sauce on each arm. In which the whole time I KNEW he was looking at my missing eyelashes and my braces! Jeez have I gone down hill since I dated him! ha ha…
Since he has seen me I have half an eye worth of missing eyelashes, brown fried off hair, braces, 5-7 extra pounds of fat clinging to my butt and I drive a grandma car (not that he as seen me driving the car, but I figured I would throw that in for sympathy ha!) Anyway it made me laugh… thought I would tell you.
K well I am going to cook dinner to add on to the fat on my butt ha ha…”



Ok so… now for the explanations:

*My family plays the “grocery game”… where we see if we can get absolutely all of the groceries (or shopping bags) into the house in one trip. NO SECOND TRIPS!! (Except if there is milk jugs, laundry soap jugs or cat litter included. Or stupid-ass Costco boxes, even though I always try anyway but it doesn’t count if I can’t do it.)

**WE NEVER LOSE THIS GAME. And if we did, it would end with broken jars and laughing fits where we pee our pants. BUT I HAVE NEVER LOST (this game is especially fun when unloading the car after Christmas shopping). I I guess I should also mention this game is never played against anyone, just against the grocery bag demons… so you can totally play by yourself! It there is more that one person, the you’re automatically a team. BTW, Adam thinks this game is dumb, so I just play without telling him. :)

***My sister magically fried off half of the eyelashes on one of her eyes, so she had to wear fake lashes until they grew back. It really did look weird when she didn’t have them on, like something out of a horror movie. Ok maybe not that bad. (But kinda.)

****Name has been changed. I actually wrote this so long ago I don’t even remember the original name now.

Potty Time – Husbands vs. Toddlers (again)

I am continually flabbergasted by the amount of time my husband (and most men, I assume) spend in the bathroom. Seriously, is it just their “get away” time? Not that Ellie thinks any room in our house is private or anything (“I’ll be right back Mom, I’m gonna go watch Daddy poop“), but at least Adam knows I won’t bother him if he’s in the bathroom (ew). I just don’t get it – I mean, do ANY women out there (who don’t have like the flu or some other tummy-related illness) spend HOURS a day on the toilet? Because seriously, if I add up the amount of time my husband spends there in a 24-hr period, I can guarantee there are some days where it’s HOURS. PLURAL.


Sometimes I can’t even find an extra 5 seconds to actually use toothpaste when I brush my teeth, but there are men out there who just have HOURS to spend on the toilet, playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends or shopping on Craigslist or whateverthehelltheydointhere.

So… now that I’ve ranted about that, here is your dose of SuperLaughter for the day:

Adam was getting Ellie ready for bed the other night, and he took her upstairs to “flush-n-brush” before books and prayers. Ellie had been on the toilet for MAYBE 45 seconds, claiming she needed to poop, when I heard Adam let out a frustrated sigh and say,

“Okay now, this is just getting ridiculous.”

And then I almost died laughing.

I laughed out loud for at least 10 minutes, and I still giggle every time I think about it. Does anyone remember the other potty-post I put up a while back? Let’s refresh our memories: click here.

Yes, let’s talk about ridiculous. 

It just doesn’t look that inviting to me…


Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – Review & Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered to win the 3D lashes. If you’d still like to try them, please check out the Superwife-Younique Online Party (open through November 11, 2013). There you’ll be able to order the lashes for just $29, and you can check out some of Younique’s other items as well (hint: the lipglosses are BOMB). :)


A friend of mine recently became an Independent Distributor for Younique (makeup and beauty products). Her best-selling product is by far the Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – so guess what? She’s giving away a kit to one lucky Superfan!

Before just throwing free stuff at you…here is a quick review from my Fiber Lash trial. :)

Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is a two-piece kit containing a tube of gel and a tube of brush-on fibers that create the look of false eyelashes in just moments. NOW… I have to be completely real here for a moment and let you all know that I have crazy long eyelashes to begin with – so my results *may* be a bit dramatic. However, I’ve heard from several friends now that this kit really does work wonders, so I’m confident that it’ll be beautiful on you, too!

The two pieces in the kit are called the Transplant Gel (step 1) and the Natural Fibers (step 2).  Each are tubes of product that look and apply just like mascara, and they come in a super-cute little carrying case.

3D lash casemoodstrucklashes

This included instructions say that you need to apply one coat of mascara of your choice to darken the roots of your lashes, then let it dry completely before using the Younique 3D Lash kit.  I, however, just started directly with the Transplant Gel – I was worried that I’d look like a hooker if I put on my own mascara first! Okay… so you need to act sort of quickly when using these items, so I worked on one eye at a time, and had the caps loosened on both tubes to have them ready.  First brush on the Transplant Gel – this is what the fibers stick to, so be liberal in your application.  Second, apply the Natural Fibers – brush them on like you would any regular mascara. And you’re done! Gorgeous lashes in moments. According to the catalog, Moonstruck lashes add a 300% increase in thickness and volume. Here are my example pics:



Above, you can see the major difference in my lashes with and without the Fiber Lashes – one eye with and one eye without. I really, really liked the result. I think these are perfect for anyone who wants really dramatic lashes but doesn’t have the time to apply fake ones every single day. Try some out for yourself, or consider the upcoming holidays and think about who among your friends and family would love this!


Are you hooked yet?


Contact Sam Meurer, 907-947-0514

And now for ze free stuff! To be entered to win a FREE Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Kit…

1. Like Sam’s Younique Facebook Page

2. Comment here and tell me what YOUR favorite asset is – your eyelashes? Your smile? Your sweet booty that you work so hard on at the gym? Tell me what part of YOU that you love most.

I’ll announce a winner via facebook on Thursday, October 31. :)