Will somebody just bring me a damn Kleenex already?!

This week the fertility medication I’m taking (Clomid) is affecting me a *little* more strongly than it did last week. LAST week I was all, “I just started taking my pills but I feek okay besides a few migraines, and I haven’t really been crazy at all!”

THIS week, so far, I have cried at the all following things (it’s amazing that I haven’t lost 10lbs of water-weight):

  • A funny passage in Marley & Me (I’m reading the book)
  • A sad passage in Marley & Me
  • The beautiful mountains in Alaska
  • The fact that I even have to take fertility medication at age 28
  • Missing my mom (who lives in Idaho)
  • iTunes
  • Missing my sisters (who live in Idaho)
  • Missing all of the rest of my family (who live in Idaho)
  • How I hate Idaho for stealing my family
  • How much I truly love my husband
  • The fact that my husband built me a snowmachine with hot pink accents
  • My dog. Just in general – and how lucky I am to have her (she’s amazing)
  • How much I love my job
  • How much I hate my job
  • A migraine headache
  • Missing my grandma (who passed away in 2008, and every time I make spaghetti I think about her because she was amazing and Italian)
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians (this one came out of nowhere)
  • A sweet comment on Facebook from my cousin about the SuperWife blog
  • How much I love my friend Sam, and how proud of her I am
  • iTunes
  • How I am equally happy/jealous that my friend Jen is having a baby
  • How I am ashamed at myself for being jealous of anyone’s anything when I have so much in my life to be thankful for
  • How I have so much in my life to be thankful for
  • My teddy bear
  • iTunes
  • A funny baby video on youtube
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • How Adam probably thinks I’m crazy
  • American Idol
  • When Adam told me I was crazy
  • A projector screen fiasco
  • iTunes
  • How if I actually did get pregnant this month, I would be due on Halloween, and how awesome that would be because I would totally dress up to go into labor
  • A baby laughing at the grocery store
  • A bad dream
  • A good dream
  • My other friend Jen’s good dream
  • My nailpolish
  • A cute pair of baby socks I saw today

I think I’m doing okay, though… right?



8 thoughts on “Will somebody just bring me a damn Kleenex already?!”

  1. I can relate! I have no medication to blame, but I have been far too emotional lately. I am pretty much crying at everything. This morning I cried while watching Good Morning America and then again while watching Dr. Phil.

  2. So I’ve done three rounds of clomid and on #2 we were successful, but miscarried. *sigh* Anyway, yes, crazybitchiness is quite an awesome side effect. I’m sure it was as much an aphrodisiac for your husband as it was for mine! Even worse for me were the HOT FLASHES!!!! I do NOT look forward to menopause! ;)

    And hey, whenever you get down for being 28 and on fertility meds, just remember I’m 26. So there.

  3. Man, I have been a CRIER lately myself! I think I told you about the funniest one… a Bone Thugs n’ Harmony song. WTF?! I just cried at that Allstate (or some insurance company) commercial that they always play during american idol. I’VE SEEN THAT COMMERCIAL 1000 TIMES! ARRRGH!!! lol

  4. Well at least you can blame it on the drugs…hehe.

    I had a crummy weekend last weekend before my 30th birthday. So Sunday I am sitting on the couch and Jared asks if I am alright or something, and I start talking and break down crying!

    I cry ” I don’t know why I am emotional or why I am crying. I AM SAD, and it’s not about the 30!”

    Stupid woman hormones.

  5. Well… at least I dont feel alone in all my tears! I certainly exhibited my share of ridiculous hormones even before the medication; I used to cry at those damn Church of Latter-Day Saints commercials all the time!

    It sounds like you ladies are perfectly normal and just need a cry like the rest of us. :)GMA, Dr. Phil, All-State commercials… acceptable. Crying for nothing really… acceptable. Crying at the sight of mountains I see every day? Weird.

  6. I just cried while reading this blog about you crying because you miss me and you hate Idaho for taking some of your family away. :( I miss you to my sweet Jenny. Now don’t cry over this! Love you.

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