… is what my legs feel like. And my arms. And my brain.

After nearly dying at the “Saturday Sweatshop” class at The Edge Training Studio this morning, I figured I’d better write this happy blog now instead of waiting until tomorrow when I’ll probably have some choice words for my pretty little instructor.

But seriously – AWESOME. I am so tired, and tomorrow I may want to kill myself, but I’ve vowed to go get a punchcard and continue these Saturday classes. I may even try to work in a “Butts & Gutts” class on Wednesday. :)

I’m only weighing myself every Monday and Friday (have to set some boundaries, otherwise I just want to step on the scale every ten seconds to see if I’ve lost any weight), so I’ll make sure to keep Superwife up to date. Please keep the suggestions coming, I’m really open to anything right now – help me lose this weight!

As of today I’ve gotten some great tips. Here is next week’s schedule for PROJECT ELLIE BELLY (BE GONE):

Monday: (suggested by Abbie) weights for 30 min, then 45-60 min of cardio (probably elliptical)

Tuesday: (suggested by Amanda) 45-60 min of interval elliptical, then abs abs abs (and some arms)

Wednesday:(suggested by Andi & Brittany) Butts & Guts class at The Edge

Thursday: (suggested by Haley & Lindsay) Yoga class at AK Club

Friday: whatever I can stand, haha. Most likely elliptical and abs/arms

Saturday: Saturday Sweatshop class at The Edge

Sunday: REST!

New goal: 10lbs down by Feb 23. This may be a little lofty, but I have a work meeting and I’m going to see the family in Idaho and I leave on Feb 25… being able to fit into some cuter clothes would be sweet! I’ve also promised myself a hair appointment after the next 10lbs (extra incentive). :)

So… T-25lbs. Here we go!

4 thoughts on “Jellooooooooooooo…”

  1. Yeahhhh! Just remember the pre-wedding workout frenzy. You and I both put up impressive numbers. If I can think of anything just as motivating as getting ready to walk down the aisle, it’s giving baby weight the boot! If anyone can do it, you can :)

    Jillian & Bob on biggest loser said that sprinting is a great way to burn fat and drop pounds… jog comfortably then sprint as fast as you can until exaustion… then repeat.

  2. I have been doing a fitness competition workout and diet program for a while now and the biggest tip that my trainer gives me and drill in, is that you should ALWAYS do your weights BEFORE your cardio! If you are working out at the end of the day then all the cardio is doing for the first 30 min is burning what you ate that day. So you only get 10-15 minutes of actualy fat burn. Then you’re too tired and have no stregth to do any strength training :( You should do your weights and then 40-55 min of interval cardio. Also…. I get pounded on carbs…. stay away from carbs after 5pm… trust me this piece of advice WORKS! :) Good luck on losing the Ellie Bellie!

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