Updated with winner! Huggies Hawaiian Diapers – Giveaway

UPDATED: This giveaway is now closed. I love love loved reading about all of your adorable little babies, thanks to everyone for sharing! Although we can only have ONE winner, you can all get the cute Huggies Hawaiian diapers in stores or at Amazon.com (see “Superwife’s Picks” on the right sidebar here to check out my Amazon baby recommendations).  Congratulations to Superfan #11 – Sarah Rock! Sarah, email me your mailing info to [email protected] and I’ll pass it along to the people over at Huggies. :)

Ellie and I recently visited our family in Idaho, and it was so wonderful to see the girls play together again. Every month they get smarter and smarter, and I just love seeing the way they interact with one another at each new stage. My little beauties!

This little summer photo shoot is brought to you by the new Huggies Hawaiian Diapers – Ellie and Emma pranced around in these designer duds all day, and holy moly were they adorable! Oh and hey, you know what? You could outfit your little one in the same diapers – because Huggies has offered to send a SuperFan a free summer-themed beach kit, complete with a package of Hawaiian diapers and wipes, some cute little goodies and an LLBean tote!

You’ve got two ways to enter the giveaway:

1. Comment on this post and tell me something cute about your little one (and include their diaper size!).

2. Send a new fan to the Superwife Facebook page – if they comment on the page and tell me you sent them, I’ll enter you both!

I’ll pick a winner on Friday, July 13 (could be your lucky day!).

Good luck and I hope you all are having a “super” summer!

Disclaimer: I received a free summer-themed beach kit with diapers and wipes from Huggies. Since I already use Huggies on a daily basis anyway (thank you, Costco prices!), this didn’t influence my opinions of the brand in any way – except that now I’m glad they offer even cuter diapers!

20 thoughts on “Updated with winner! Huggies Hawaiian Diapers – Giveaway”

  1. My 2 year old always helps me put the clean laundry away. She prides herself on being mommy’s helper.

    She wears a size 5.

  2. Abby’s new thing this week…shaking her head no. Regardless of what you ask her, the answer is no. So I always get confirmation that daddas not her favorite (of course a strong #2) and that mommys number 1. Last week was snapping her lips, prior to that was her tongue. Excited to see what she learns next week. Baby’s are amazing!
    Abby’s size 3. :)

  3. Liam’s using baby signs (with almost intelligible words), he learned please, rub hand on center of chest, but his version is to say, pea pea pea and rub both hand in circles at his armpits like a monkey!
    He’s in a size 4…

  4. We have been trying to teach Talon his name and future sister, Nova’s. They are now known as Popa and Titay! I guess that’s what we get for unusual names :)

  5. My son loves to yell “save me, Momma!” when the tickle-monster is getting him. He wears a size 5.

  6. my son wears size 5. he pretends to be cooking with his little pans while i am also cooking at the kitchen

  7. My almost 20 month old son is obsessed with cars, everything is a car to him. When he sees anything resembling a car( bike, hot wheels, real cars, books with pictures, anything with wheels, anything he can sit in) he says in the cutest voice “caaaaaaaahhhr”(car) and motions the sign for car, followed by saying and signing “paaaeeeeeeeeeee”(please) “paaayyyeee”(play) followed up by motor noises. He continues this over and over each time with more excitement. Everything he does is cute, even when he says thank you after I change his size 5 diapers.

  8. my son cracks me up when he does a little dance, he has two left feet! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  9. My daughter is a size 5. She loves to be worn in the baby carrier so she can be my little hair stylist. By the end of a grocery trip I look like I’ve been through a hurricane, but it keeps her happy!

  10. Well not sure if my entry counts because my child is not born yet, but whatever! I think it’s REALLY cute when he kicks me in the ribs, or punches my bladder! ; ) I’ll say a size 1!

  11. My daughter loves to hold hands with her brothers when they are all in the car together.

    She is a size 2

  12. My little one is negative 6 months old and will be born in February! PRIME TIME to get the hell out of AK and to our condo in Maui! But I don’t want to win these for me, I want to win these for a very special little one in my life who will be 5 months old in November and traveling to Hawaii for his very first vacation! I’m not sure what his diaper size is. Very new, so whatever size will work for him to grow into! :)

  13. Elly is almost 2 (less than a month away!) and she recently became a big sister (3 weeks ago). She loves her baby sister and can’t walk by her or see her without coming over and giving her a kiss. So sweet! Elly is a size 5 and Laney is in newborns but prolly gonna be in a 1 next week…

  14. My granddaughter Emma gets so mad sometimes when you tell her no that she hits herself in the face!! Haha her diaper size is 4.

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