Fake Bathrooms, The Bloggess, and Banana Messages

As I mentioned in my BlogHer’11 Recap (sponsored by Paragon/Dirtt and Bradley Reid!), I totally met The Bloggess the night before the conference started. She was hiding out in a fake bathroom that was made especially for her at The People’s Party in the BlogHer hotel.

Anyway, her name is Jenny, and she rocks. Also, she’s taller than I though she would be. Not sure why, but for some reason I imagined her at like 5’3… so not the case. She towered over me (and I was in heels)! Anyhoo, I managed not to rush up to her and hug-attack her, and she was super nice in return. We talked mostly about Alaska, because she was leaving for a cruise with her family the next day – her big question? “What kind of coat should I bring?”

Jenny, I’m still asking this question. Adam HATES that question, because I ask it like, every time we go outside… and I was born and raised here in Alaska. So, I hope my answer was helpful (I think I said something like, “Oh, um, well, it’s been nice out, so, like, you probably don’t need a parka or anything. Not that you would have any reason to even own a parka. But bring a windbreaker. And a sweatshirt. Or maybe a light fleece jacket. Although it’s been nice out, so maybe just a vest. I don’t know, let me call my husband…” 

 If you’re not familiar with Jenny the Bloggess, here are two links for you to enjoy:

This post is the post that got me absolutely hooked on her blog; I could NOT stop laughing! And when I went and read it again just now, I still laughed out loud! If you don’t laugh at this, you are obviously dead inside.

This post cracked me up because I had just seen this banana thing on Pinterest recently… so when The Bloggess posted her take, I had to try out this trick:


Alright… you know you want to try it now. Off you go!

2 thoughts on “Fake Bathrooms, The Bloggess, and Banana Messages”

  1. Frick…she’s hilarious!! :) The snake thing…OMG. Totally what you and I would do!!! And Jessie. hahaha

  2. I was just introduced to her today through her blog about the five foot chicken.
    Come to you today to catch up and holy weirdness.
    lol Small world. :)

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