Electronics aren’t Jenny-proof?

**While I’m on vacation (visiting family and BlogHer-ing) for a few weeks, please enjoy some Superwife classics… posts for which I get the most irl (in-real-life) comments and/or compliments. Have a super few weeks and I’ll be back sooooon!**


Quotes from a small scuffle between Adam and I this afternoon (we’re in the middle of a move!):

Me: “…Well, I just don’t want you thinking I’ll be able to pack up this whole household all by myself!”

Adam: “First of all, I don’t think that. Second, I don’t even TRUST you to pack up everything by yourself.”

Me: “Whaaaaaaaa?”

Adam: “Well, since you’re a girl and have no regard for the value of anything, and you think that all electronics are made out of rock, I wouldn’t want you just throwing everything into a box and calling it packing.” (picture him using the “quote fingers” with the word “packing”)

Me: (giggle… giggle snort… giggle) “I don’t DO that!” (I totally do)


That husband of mine, he’s so mean and ruthless perceptive!