At the dentist recently my hygienist commented that I obviously practice “excellent” home care… and then she told me I have 3 cavities. WTF? Apparently my mouth has low ph? Gah. Anyway this was my brief conversation:

Hygienist: “Jenny, do you have any specific drinks you consume a lot, like every day, you know like sweet coffee of something? Because a lot of the time for us adults, it can be the drinks that trip us up and not junk food.”

Me: “Hm… no, I don’t even drink coffee. Maybe iced tea? I drink that kind of a lot I guess. Although I do drink a lot of water too. Huh.”

But then it totally dawned on me about an hour later during lunch with a friend…

Me: “blah blah, my hygienist thinks there’s some sort of drink that’s giving me cavities, but I don’t really drink coffee or energy drinks, so I have no idea what it could be!”

Friend: “Are you KIDDING? What about the massive amounts of candy you eat? WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU DRINK PINK CHAMPAGNE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT??”

Me: “But I have EXCELLENT at-home-teeth-care techniques!!! She SAID!”

So apparently, champagne is giving me cavities. WHY, GOD, WHY???

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