BlogHer ’14 – I’m going!

Sorry I’ve been boring lately – apparently this parenting gig takes like, a lot of time and stuff. I’ve realized that it’s kiiiiinda difficult to sit at the computer and blog when I’ve got little people climbing up my leg or asking for snacks or pulling my hair or pulling someone else’s hair or coloring on the dog or eating remote controls or tearing pages out of books and why do I hear running water???

Anyhoo… I’m leaving tonight to go meet MissMolly in San Jose for BlogHer ’14! Damn, I guess I should go pack. Hopefully I’ll learn some neat stuff, meet some neat people and score some cool sh!t to give away to you guys! :)

Although I don’t anticipate meeting any celebrities this time around, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.Anyone remember my last trip-o-shenanigans(jenanigans?) with Molly? Check out the recap here.

Now everyone please pray that Adam pays attention if he hears running water while I’m gone. Those kids are mischevious!

Also, I know I’ve been quiet here on the ol’ blog… but I do make noise over at the facebook page quite often, so please go follow that page as well! It’s easier to shoot off a few funnies from my phone while grocery shopping  than it is to find a moment at the desktop computer. I’m sure you understand. :)

I'm Going to BlogHer '14!

I'm Going to BlogHer '14!