Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Today is my two-year wedding anniversary! Adam and I have been together 5 years, married for 2, and we’ve known eachother for 13. 

I have NEVER complained about his gifting skills because, frankly, he gives great presents! He’s never bought me an ugly piece of jewelry,  he knows what lingerie I like and we both love fishing and camping so of course he knows how to pick out that kind of stuff. So, I always expect that his gifts will be great but I never expect much presentation (“boys don’t like to wrap!!”)

TODAY, however… he managed to surprised me. I wasn’t even sure if we were exchanging gifts, since we didn’t last year (we were fishing last year on the Kenai). Yesterday I picked him up a cool AK-49 tshirt and a new bird-hunting wii game (Remington: BirdHunt!), then cautiously let him know that I did in fact get him something for our anniversary (just in case he needed time to go out and get something). He just smiled and said “okay”.

When he got home from work this afternoon, he thrust a cute pink gift bag into my hands and told me to open it (and he looked really excited). I was also instructed to open the card last. This is what I found:

“Cotton to Smell” (candle)

“Cotton to Wear” (socks)

“Cotton to BURN!” (moohlah!)

My god, he knows me SO WELL!! :) So, apparently, my newly creative husband actually took the time to look up and find out that the traditional second anniversary gift is — you guessed it — COTTON. Then he coordinated a WONDERFUL present around that theme… I am SO IMPRESSED! And for those of you who were wondering… money is made of cotton. He told me he remembered that from the movie National Treasure! :) 

YAY for new tricks! Happy anniversary to my fabulous husband who knows just how to light up my day.  :)