Super BlogHer’11 Sponsors

Aaaaaaaaaagh! BlogHer’11 is in 2 days! And I’m not ready! Okay, I’m semi-ready… I got my business cards. And a few outfits. And I downloaded the BlogHer’11 iPhone app. But, I have not planned my seminar schedule or my PARTY schedule (besides The People’s Party on Thursday night, where I will probably just stalk The Bloggess in the bathroom so I can tell her how much she makes me laugh). I’m also annoyed that I can’t do ALL of my blogging from my new iPad2, so I think I’ll have to bring both of my computers (laptop plus iPad). But whatevs… I get to see MOLLLYYYYYYYYYY in 2 days!! :)

I’d also like to give a quick shoutout to my two wonderful SuperSponsors, who made it possible for me to attend the BlogHer conference this year: Paragon/Dirtt Modular Interiors and Bradley Reid + Associates! Both are great local Alaska businesses operated by “super” people. Check out their websites for more info on this interior design biz (Paragon) and advertising agency (Bradley Reid)… or, click on the logos below to check out their facebook pages!




***quick disclaimer: y’all, I broke my leg and had to have a titanium rod inserted from my knee to my ankle just 5 months ago. I’m bringin’ ONE pair of cute but plain heels, but I may not even wear them because I’m just not ready. I’m 5’2″ and not normally a flats girl, but that’s what I’ll be rockin at BlogHer. So no judging… just kn0w that NEXT YEAR, I’ll be 5’5″+ THE WHOLE TIME. Unless I break my other leg. *knock knock* (that’s me knocking on this wood coffee table I’m sitting next to)***