Will somebody just bring me a damn Kleenex already?!

This week the fertility medication I’m taking (Clomid) is affecting me a *little* more strongly than it did last week. LAST week I was all, “I just started taking my pills but I feek okay besides a few migraines, and I haven’t really been crazy at all!”

THIS week, so far, I have cried at the all following things (it’s amazing that I haven’t lost 10lbs of water-weight):

  • A funny passage in Marley & Me (I’m reading the book)
  • A sad passage in Marley & Me
  • The beautiful mountains in Alaska
  • The fact that I even have to take fertility medication at age 28
  • Missing my mom (who lives in Idaho)
  • iTunes
  • Missing my sisters (who live in Idaho)
  • Missing all of the rest of my family (who live in Idaho)
  • How I hate Idaho for stealing my family
  • How much I truly love my husband
  • The fact that my husband built me a snowmachine with hot pink accents
  • My dog. Just in general – and how lucky I am to have her (she’s amazing)
  • How much I love my job
  • How much I hate my job
  • A migraine headache
  • Missing my grandma (who passed away in 2008, and every time I make spaghetti I think about her because she was amazing and Italian)
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians (this one came out of nowhere)
  • A sweet comment on Facebook from my cousin about the SuperWife blog
  • How much I love my friend Sam, and how proud of her I am
  • iTunes
  • How I am equally happy/jealous that my friend Jen is having a baby
  • How I am ashamed at myself for being jealous of anyone’s anything when I have so much in my life to be thankful for
  • How I have so much in my life to be thankful for
  • My teddy bear
  • iTunes
  • A funny baby video on youtube
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • How Adam probably thinks I’m crazy
  • American Idol
  • When Adam told me I was crazy
  • A projector screen fiasco
  • iTunes
  • How if I actually did get pregnant this month, I would be due on Halloween, and how awesome that would be because I would totally dress up to go into labor
  • A baby laughing at the grocery store
  • A bad dream
  • A good dream
  • My other friend Jen’s good dream
  • My nailpolish
  • A cute pair of baby socks I saw today

I think I’m doing okay, though… right?