Such an Honorable Title

This weekend I received a wonderful surprise from my little sister that made me bawl my eyes out while smiling the whole time…. a beautifully packaged “message in a bottle”. See, my baby sister is getting married in Hawaii next February – so she mailed me an adorable glass bottle filled with sand and shells and decorated with starfish. It contained a scroll that, when unrolled, revealeded a heartfelt letter of admiration, praise, love and a Maid of Honor proposal.

Are you crying yet? Because you didn’t even read it! But just thinking about the act makes me tear up again. :) I assure you, the message would have you shedding big giant tears (but not crocodile tears, as I originally wrote, because my smart ass little brother corrected me and told me that crocodile tears are fake tears and you definitely wouldn’t be crying fake tears after reading Jessie’s letter).

ANYWAY… I mentioned the letter to my dad while he was visiting last night, and Adam just happened to be sitting right next to us. I hadn’t even shared the letter with him, because, well, he’s Adam. Besides, boys don’t get that kind of stuff (except Dad, because it concerned his daughters, so of course he teared up too). So, when I handed the letter to my dad, Adam asked about it. I just waved my hand and said “oh, Jessie sent me a really sweet letter.” Adam immediately turned to my dad and said “well it must be totally full of lies.” Hardy Har, Husband.

Here’s where the Adam-ism comes in (the one you’ll all be referencing in the future, trust me):

Adam: Why did she send you a sweet letter? And why was it in a bottle?

Me: She asked me to be her Maid of Honor. And the bottle was Hawaii-themed.

Adam: But I thought you couldn’t be a Maid of Honor anymore.

Me: Well, technically yes, I’d be the Matron of Honor since I’m married.

Adam: That sounds freaking awful. Might as well just call yourself “Old Bag of Honor”.

Me: Oh yes, that has such a nice ring to it. We’ll be sure to put that on the programs.

So Jessie… I’m totally looking forward to being your Maid Matron Old Bag of Honor. Is there any way we can find rhinestones to put that on a tshirt or something?

My baby sister, who is one of the most beautiful and fun people I know, and who is my best friend. <3