Relevant Information…

… according to my mother-in-law (or, Shit My Husband’s Mom Says):

While working our asses off during the Saturday Sweatshop class at the Edge Training Studio this weekend, my mother-in-law Lynn and I (along with my brother-in-law’s cutie high school girlfriend Jennifer) struggled our way through most of the class without any problems. When we started the intense ab workout, however, I started to feel some intense pain in my lower abs. I mentioned it to Lynn, who casually said “you JUST had a baby, Jenny, don’t overwork yourself!”

The trainer happened to hear that comment, and agreed with Lynn, telling me to take it easy. She then asked me if I had torn my abdominal wall at all during labor. Before I had a chance to even try to answer the question…

Lynn (in a voice usually reserved for large auditoriums): I was in the labor and delivery room with her, and she didn’t tear her abdominals. But she DID TEAR EVERYWHERE ELSE… BAAAAD.

Jennifer: OMG

Me: Explain to me how that is relevant information, Lynn.

Man in back of class: HAHAHAHA

Random Girl in class: *giggle giggle snort*

Trainer: Don’t worry, we hear it all… *giggle*

Lynn: What? It’s true. You had a hard labor.

Me: Thanks for enlightening the group. Sharing time is over, now do some more situps and shutup.

And then I died of embarrassment. Or maybe that one dude in the back of the class did.