Safe Words and Tippytoes

I mentioned in my first post that Adam and I started trying for a baby in 2009… well it’s been nearly a year now, and no luck. I thought I’d share my experience with the issues and frustrations I’ve been dealing with here. I know I’m not the only person who has ever had fertility issues, and it helped me to read other couples’ stories online. My journey so far has been frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes comical. I don’t know how cathartic this will be, but hopefully it will at least be either entertaining or comforting to someone.

So… just a short story for now. A few months ago I decided to finally get fertility testing done, and after a bunch of OBGYN appointments and some big long scary needles, my doctor prescribed Clomid. I had 3 blood tests and a failed hysterosalpingogram last year, and just this month my doc decided to dilate my cervix and give me pills. She’s pretty confident that we’ll (finally) succeed in makin’ a baby within 3 months, so I guess we’ll see.

When my doc was talking to me about the medication, she mentioned that it might make me go a little bit super-bitch-crazy… I laughed and said that I’m already a super bitch, so no biggie. She took it a little more seriously and then told me that I should “come up with a ‘safe’ word” for my husband and I to use in case I get out of hand… emotionally. SRSLY? Enjoy a small peek into my home life, in which you’ll see that this idea? Would never work.  

Me: “Hey Honey, before I start taking these pills tomorrow, my doctor thinks we should come up with some sort of safe word in case I turn into too much of a biotch.”

Adam: “Oh, great. Is that what I have to look forward to? Can I just move out for a little bit?”

Me: “That may make the ‘baby-making’ a little difficult. Seriously though, we should come up with some sort of signal or word. Just in case.”

Adam: “How about, ‘Hey Jenny you’re being a huge bitch’? That should be fine.”

Me: “Uh, unless you don’t care if I throw plates at you, that will not work fine.”

Adam: *sigh* “Okay. Tippytoe.”

Me: “Huh?”

Adam: “That’s the word. Tippytoe.”

Me: “No. Absolutely not. I can guarantee that that word would just piss me off even more if I’m already in a shitty mood.”

Adam: “It seems like you’re starting to put yourself in a shitty mood right now.”

Me: “No, I just want you to take this seriously! C’mon!”

Adam: “You’re starting to freak me out. Have you already started taking those pills?”

Me: “What? NO! I said I start taking them tomorrow!”

Adam: “…tippytoe… tippytoe…”

The New Adventures of Superwife… 2.0!

Well… thank you so much, Miss Molly, for the wonderful introduction. I’m honored to be making the transition from just little ol’ JennyFast to Superwife 2.0!

Molly and I have been friends for 9(ish) years, and I’ve seen no one grow more than she has in that time. She’s been a pleasure to have in my life, and I’ll do my best here to continue the fantastic blog she’s built.

So, without further ado… I guess I should introduce myself! Obviously, I’m Mrs. Jenny Fast. Formerly Jenny Jones, and I was not too bummed to change my name and leave behind the “Ohhh, I’ve seen your talk show” comments. Although now I just get a lot of “ohhh, you must be FAST!” and similar wisecracks. Ha, ha, ha. :)

My husband Adam and I were high school sweethearts back in ’98, when we dated for 2 years and then split because we were idiot kids. 6 years and a few life lessons later, we started dating again and BAM – now we’re like, married and stuff. We made it official on July 12, 2008; in 2009 we bought our first house and adopted our first puppy. We also began trying for our first baby in 2009… more on that fiasco later.

I’m a lifelong Alaskan and so is my sexy mountain man of a husband. We love fishing in the summer and riding snowmachines in the winter… two activities that let us often drink in the beauty of our Alaskan landscape.

I, like Molly, also enjoy cooking… since I know this blog has been a haven for many wonderful recipes over the years, I promise to *try* to keep it up at least a little. I can’t promise they’ll be Vegan recipes… but hopefully you’ll will enjoy my creativity as much as my girlfriend Sam does when she hangs out in my kitchen and watches me experiment. :)

So… before I start rambling (I’m kind of a pro at rambling), I’ll sum up for you:

I’m Jenny. I’m an honest and outspoken friend, sister, daughter, wife, fisherwoman, writer, sarcastic bitch, comedienne, lover of champagne, gossip queen, clean-freak, ‘Friends’ fanatic, dog-person, iPhone addict, wanna-be mommy… and, among other things, a SUPERWIFE.

Nice to meet you!



I can also be found at:

[email protected]