My Glee T-shirt

A few weeks ago the popular television show Glee (c’mon, all you ‘Gleeks’ out there, you know you’re addicted) showcased the new Lady Gaga song “Born this Way” – and with an “embrace your faults/insecurities theme”, the members of the Glee club all wore a simple white t-shirt with their biggest insecurity emblazoned on the front in bold black letters.

The effect was impressive, and all I did throughout the entire song was pause and rewind the screen, trying to see what everyone’s t-shirts said. The kids’ shirts ranged from “I’M WITH STUPID” (with an arrow pointing to Puckerman’s d*ck) to “BAD ATTITUDE” (Zizes) to “CAN’T SING” (Finn).

This little Glee club stunt got me thinking… what would my insecurity be? I mean, besides “BABY FAT” – What would my t-shirt say? Well, after much reflection, I think I’ve come up with one that Adam would whole-heartedly agree with:


What would YOUR t-shirt say?