Promo Friday

Hey kids…

Just wanted to post a quick reminder about – I wrote about this site a few weeks ago (check that post HERE) before it launched, and I’m happy to report that it is now LIVE with great deals. Use the link from this post to check it out and sign up, then tell your friends about it (you earn $ back when you buy deals, when your friends buy deals, when your friends’ friends buy deals… all the way to your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends!).

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Moolala, it’s free! Click this link and start the fun:


Aaaand another quick promo for you – Be sure to check out More Than Heels, a new website for women (by women!). MTH was created by your original superwife, Molly, and the lovely Keesha (whom I’ve never met but I’m sure we’d be great friends if we lived in the same state). The new site is dedicated to women  and was created around the belief that there is more to life than a great pair of heels… click on over there now and find great tips on your career, etsy bargains, gift ideas, fashion, beauty and more. I’m loving the latest post on sushi restaurant etiquette for newbies… makes me want to run out to the nearest sushi bar and try out my skillz!

Soooo… Go! Now!

And the Wiener is…

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Congratulations Annette Mullen!

Ellie randomly snatched your name out of a pile of entries (and then tried to eat the paper)! So, you are the Superwife winner of a custom knit hat and hilarious Jen Lancaster book (choose from Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights, Big Ass or Such a Pretty Fat). Email me with a few favorite colors so I can start on the hat!

And (because I love a good surprise)… since I had such a great response, I decided to choose two extra winners! That’s right, two more lucky readers will receive a custom knit hat… again, email me with colors and I’ll see what I can do. I can also make your hats smaller if you decide you want to give your prize to your kiddo :)

So… congratulations also to Diana Moor and Crystal Audette! Let me know your hat prefs!

A huge thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope you’ll keep on reading and sharing Superwife.

Keep an eye out for the next Superwife giveaway coming soon – you could win a Flybaby hammock (valued at $50)!

The Very. First. Superwife. Giveaway.

I read so many blogs that give away stuff, and I although I never win anything I totally still think it’s cool. Therefore… you should continue to read my blog and tell all of your friends, coworkers, family, enemies, etc to read this blog BECAUSE I’M GONNA GIVE AWAY FREE SHIT. Woot!

So… I’ve got a custom knit hat just for you. I won’t even make it until you win it. How cool is that? Bet you couldn’t guess I’d give away a hat, eh? Well just in case you hate hats, or hate my hats, or just have too much hair to ever need a hat… I’m also going to throw in a copy of one of my favorite books (hint: it’s by Jen Lancaster, who is a snarky, meaner, funnier me, and someone who inspires me to write). And then if you hate the hat, you can re-gift it to your mom or your dog or an enemy. And if you hate the book… well, you probably hate me too so I don’t know why you would enter. But you should anyway.

The Rules:

You can enter up to 5 times. Each one of the actions listed below will equal an entry… just write me a comment telling me what you did, with links if possible. Deadline is Wednesday, February 23rd.

On Thursday, February 24th… I’ll have Ellie flail around and pick a winner (or something equally random… maybe I’ll throw a bunch of entries written on paper onto the floor and see which one Tali sits on first – because she WILL sit on whatever I put on the floor).

How to enter:

  1. Share a link to the Superwife blog (www.theadventuresofsuperwife) on your facebook page (tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends!)
  2. “Like” the Superwife facebook page (
  3. Post a link/write a post about the Superwife blog on your blog
  4. Tweet a link to the Superwife blog
  5. Leave a comment on your favorite past Superwife post
  6. Send me $5. This won’t get you an entry, but I will like you more.

So… here are a few fan favorites you could choose from to share with others, or just to re-read for yourself. I tend to get a lot of feedback on these particular posts, but feel free to choose any Superwife post as a favorite to comment on or link to! :)

The One Where I Found Mushrooms in My House

The One Where Adam Thinks Calgon is Douche

The One Where Tali Craps All Over Our New White Carpet (The First Time)

The One Where We Have a Safe Word

The One Where I Learn What It Means To Be Married

The One Where Adam Chooses Laundry Over Sexual Favors

The One Where Adam Lies

The One Where Johnson & Johnson Needs a New Logo

FlyeBaby Update

I know quite a few of you are interested in the FlyeBaby hammock I recently wrote about… so I thought I would mention that as soon as I write the product review (after I take my trip to Spokane at the end of the month) I’ll be GIVING ONE AWAY!

Yep, the wonderful peeps over at FlyeBaby are offering up a free jungle-print FlyeBaby for one lucky Superwife fan. So… stay tuned for that giveaway, which will be announced shortly after February 25th.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll participate in the current Superwife Giveaway. :)