Bruise-Free Bananas

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m raising a picky eater… But… I’m raising a picky eater.

I mean, she eats all kinds of foods. It’s the QUALITY she’s picky about. Most recent prime example:

A few mornings ago I was getting the girls up and ready for the day. As I was changing Jamie, Ellie headed downstairs without me. I didn’t really pay attention to what she was doing because a.) usually she just grabs the iPad and sits on the couch, and b.) I was going to be down there in like 2 minutes.

A few minutes later, she met me halfway up the stairs with a completely peeled banana in her hands.

“Mommy! This one doesn’t have a bruise! I’m gonna eat it!”

I was pleased that she had gotten her own breakfast, because I was running semi-late.

Until I got downstairs and realized that there were THREE completely peeled bananas sitting on the couch. All with bruises.

Now I know what she meant by “this one doesn’t have a bruise“… Picky betch!


Pop go the Cheerios

This toy… seems harmless enough, yes? When the red button is pushed, it blows a gentle flow of air that “pops” bright colored plastic balls out of the trunk with barely any pressure at all. Ellie LOVES it.


Word to the wise: do NOT leave your mischievous toddler with this toy unattended. Because it’s *possible* that she could think that objects other than the included plastic balls will fit in that trunk. And it’s *possible* that other objects might include Cheerios. And it’s *possible* that too many Cheerios in the trunk will clog up the system so that air won’t blow out of it anymore.

Then, you might walk in to the living room and see that the toy isn’t working, and it’s *possible* that you’ll turn it upside down and dump one or two Cheerios out of it. You might think you’ve fixed the problem, and it’s *possible* that you’ll put your face over the trunk hole to look inside.

Now I’m not saying its a definite, but as you have your eye one centimeter from the trunk, it is *extremely possible* that your toddler will push that effing red button.

When If this happens, it’s *probable* that the rest of those Cheerios that kidlet shoved in there will shoot out of the toy like bullets and pelt you directly in the face. Cheerio crumbs might get in your eyes and under your contacts, making you throw drop the toy and dance around like a baboon while trying not to yell obscenities.

And then… it’s 100% INEVITABLE that your toddler will laugh hysterically. And maybe clap.

(This public service announcement has been brought to you by Superwife. You’ve been warned.)

Girls Night?

I took Ellie with me to Fred Meyer recently to do a little birthday shopping for my dad. I already had the main part of his gift, but I always always always give him lots of chocolate every year so I had to pick some up. I put Ellie in the mini cart and we set off to find yummies.

When I passed the “feminine” aisle, I realized I needed tampons, so I threw a few boxes into the cart. Then we made our way to the candy aisle and I put five or six different kinds of chocolate in the cart (see where this is going? well, I was oblivious) and headed toward the liquor store for a nice bottle of beer to give my Dad.

After choosing a specialty beer, I wheeled my kid and my loot up to the counter and started unloading. The poor kid behind the counter rang up tampax, chocolate, chocolate, beer, tampax, chocolate and chocolate before he couldn’t help himself…

“Girls’ night?”


Sweet Baby Art

Have you been looking for a simple and safe way to get your kiddos involved in art projects? My sister Jess and I picked up a few canvases on sale at Micheals recently and decided to let the girls (Ellie & Emma, 11 months and 9 months) finger-paint… so we mixed Cool Whip and food coloring for a bright but edible baby-safe “paint”. (If you need some other craft materials or even some ideas, here’s this resource from Crayola to help you out.)

First, we duct-taped a few garbage bags to the floor to make clean-up easy. Then we mixed a few drops of food coloring into small bowls of whipped cream, and that’s all the planning we needed. Once we stripped the girls down to diapers, we simply let ’em go (supervised, of course)!

The little cuties ended up eating a lot of it, but we did get four beautiful and unique canvases out of the project. This would definitely be an inexpensive, fun and meaningful gift for a family member (planning Christmas gifts early, anyone?)!



How amazing it is that my sister Jess and I had babies at the same time? Because you’re *sort of* a captive audience (butpleasedon’tleaveme), I must share with you these pictures of our gorgeous babies, Ellie Lynn and Emma Lynn. Enjoy. Or else.


Photo credit to Karsen Marie Welch-King, of KMarie Photography. As you can see, she is an amaaaahhzing photgrapher (andshe happens to be one of my little supersisters). :)

Paciplay Review and Giveaway

Last week Ellie and I were lucky enough to try out a cool new product that I’ve been eyeing online: the PaciPlay by Toes For Eyes.

It’s a pacifier clip that’s also a teether – choice! I’m a huge fan of pacifier clips these days, as Ellie loves chucking things (I see softball in her future!), but she’s still not quite crawling so she can’t retrieve her own stuff.

Toes For Eyes sent Ellie a pretty “fairytale pink” Paciplay with a pacifier adapter, so it fits most of our pacifiers with the exception of the soothie brand. (Even though most pacifier clips don’t fit the soothies, I’ve found that if I really need to, I can always use a little piece of elastic – like a small no-metal hairtie – to make the Soothies compatible with any clippie.) 

Ellie loved it immediately, and began chewing and yanking on it as soon as I clipped it to her shirt. It has a few raised edges, so I imagine they feel pretty good on her gums – she doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I know they’re coming!

One of the things about the paciplay that I liked is that it’s super easy to clean. Because it’s silicone (non-toxic, BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone) I can just give it a quick paciwipe bath or rinse under the faucet and it’s as good as new – unlike the ribbon pacifier clips, which pick up grime quick when they’re all slobbery and saturated from Ellie chewing on them nonstop.

The Paciplay is obviously a little more stiff than a regular ribbon pacifier clip, so I did notice that sometimes when Ellie spit out her pacifier it wasn’t that simple for her to get it back into her mouth – mostly because if she picked up the pacifier in a way that twisted the Paciplay, it kept wanting to twist opposite the way she was trying to guide it into her mouth. I don’t think this would be an issue if Ellie were just a little bit older, so I’m sure that when her motor skills develop just a bit more this twisty thing won’t even be an issue. She never got frustrated with it anyway, because when she couldn’t get the pacifier back into her mouth she just happily chewed on the silicone Paciplay, so… success!  

Superwife’s Bottom Line: WE LOVE IT!

 The Paciplay is cute, functional, and safe. It’s stretchy and chewy and unlike anything I’ve seen on the baby market so far, and Superbaby loves it.

Paciplays retail for $8.95 at the website, and there are 14 adorable designs to choose from in 6 different colors.

So… want one for your little kiddo? What a coincidence, because Superwife has one for you to win! Enter using the directions below for a chance to win a green “GumsRBear” Paciplay (with pacifier adapter) for your superbaby:

The Paciplay giveaway will remain open until May 31. Winner will be chosen using and announced via The Adventures of Superwife Facebook page (winners will also be contacted by email). After announcement & email, winner will have 3 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Luck to everyone!


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Disclaimer: Although Superwife received a free sample of this product to review, all views expressed in this post are hers (and Superbaby’s). Superwife will always give a fair review of products, and will only positively endorse products she actually feels positive about! Superwife will only give you her true opinion – and if you think she’d sell out or change her tune for free stuff, then you simply haven’t been reading long enough to know that that would be ludicrous! :) Now check out some other Superwife posts and get to know her better. Enjoy!