SuperShopping: A Holiday Gift Guide from BHG

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens – I was given a giftcard to do some holiday shopping at my local Walmart and share a few pricepoint gift ideas with you. I chose the merchandise, and the following is my opinion on a few great offerings from BHG this season. :)

I’ve spent *a lot* of time shopping this holiday season. Like, a wholewholewhole lot. Most of it online, but a good amount in actual stores… and one of the stores I made a few trips to was Walmart. As most of you know, I came in 2nd place a few months ago in the Better Homes and Gardens State Cookie Contest – and I won a fabulous bakeware set from the BHG line from Walmart. Since I like the set so much, I decided to check out the other BHG offerings while I was Christmas shopping this year.

Holy moly, this company makes a TON of stuff! And not just kitchen stuff! We’re talking bath stuff, living room decor, bedroom stuff, blankets, candles, appliances, bakeware… you name it. So, courtesy of BHG… here are a few ideas for those of you who still need some 2011 Christmas gifts (Feel free to also use this resource from Personalization Mall for some more ideas):



  • BHG Ruffles Pillow ($12.97) – I bought this in red. I love it. It fits right in with my Christmas-y living room decor, and Ellie likes it because it’s got a cool texture. :)



  • BHG Damask Shower Curtain ($20.97) – Redecorating my bathroom and LOVE this pattern! There were a bunch of other beauties as well, but I liked the elegance of this black and white pattern.


  • BHG Candles ($5.97) – OMG, these smell so delicious! I bought Baked Pumpkin Pie (my favorite), Cinnamon Bun and Applie Pie. Best part? NO CALORIES. :)


Seriously guys… go check out the selection of stuff. I didn’t even get into the kitchen items – this post would have been 16x as long! I love the signature red accents on everything - it goes perfectly with my beautiful red kitchen. I spent at least 30 minutes at Walmart just oogling BHG kitchen appliances, lol.

Happy Shopping!