How I almost lost Molly at BlogHer…

… because she almost lept out of a moving vehicle.

For those of you who haven’t met (or read) my friend Molly, she is amazing. She is gorgeous, talented, spirited and incredibly intelligent… if you don’t count the whole vegan thing. I kid, I kid… but seriously, Molly is a vegan. And even when she’s not a vegan (dude, everyone slips, shut up already) (oh and also, dude, animalz iz delishus), she still cares very deeply about animal rights. To illustrate, I shall recall a short but true story:

A few years ago (3? 4?) I had a few girlfriends over to watch American Idol and drink wine while we made fun of everyone but Adam Lambert (should have won!). We all decided to paint our toenails while we hung out, and after we finished I pulled out a can of that QuickDri spray stuff – you know, the kind they have at some salons where you just spray it on your newly painted nails and it supposedly dries them faster? Anyway, we all used it – except for Molly. She instead picked up the can, took it into the well-lit kitchen and scrutinized the ingredients label…

Molly: DUDE. I am SO not using this dead-animal-spray. It has MINK OIL in it.

Me: What is mink oil?

Molly: It’s (insert real explanation here, I cant remember bc I was drinking and laughing my ass off). You need to throw this can of death away!

Me: Yeah, well…. Jen is wearing a zebra shirt! Yell at her! (to clarify, my friend Jen was wearing a zebra-print shirt, not a shirt made out of an actual zebra)

SO… that is an example of Molly’s vegan-ness. Here is the story of how she nearly died at BlogHer a few weekends ago:

At the SoftCup/Mario Lopez/Ryan Cabrera party we went to (calm DOWN, I’ll post about it later), we were photographed by a celebrity paparazzo (oKAY, professional photographer, but I will continue to refer to him as Paparazzi Jerod). He was really witty and fun to hang out with, so we all exchanged cards. The next day, Jerod sent me a message and asked if Molly and I would like to grab some sushi with him and his wife (who he referred to as “wifezilla”) after the conference. Since we had no dinner plans, we agreed.

The Paparazzis (Jerod and his wife, Emilee) picked us up in their car at the conference center and we drove over to a delicious sushi restaurant nearby (where, btw, Molly had some vegetables or something). In the car, we were all discussing jobs – Jerod mentioned to his wife that I worked for a pharma company, and then told me that Emilee worked in a lab. And then this:

Me: Oh, what kind of lab?

Emilee: Clinical stuff. I see reps sometimes.

Jerod: Hon! Tell them about those funny fuckin’ coke monkeys!

Emilee: Oh yeah, haha.

(Molly perked up at this point, listening verrrrrry closely.)

Me: Monkeys?

Emilee: Yeah some companies use our labs for animal testing and stuff.

(Molly’s eyes are huge now. Huge.)

Jerod: Yeah but tell them about the ones on cocaine.

Emilee: Oh haha… yeah this one time these monkeys were on cocaine and one of them broke out and it was insane, haha. But don’t worry, it was clinical grade cocaine.

(I think Molly’s hand may have been on the door handle now. Imagine cartoon steam coming out of her ears.)

Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. Isn’t that hilarious, Molly?

Molly: (through gritted teeth) So how far away is this restaurant?

I am SO proud of Molly for not leaping to her death to escape the animal-hating Paparazzi family… because they actually turned out to be wonderful people who were fun to hang out with and an all-around totally cool couple.

Molly… so polite. And reserved.

Also, Molly will probably try to tell you that this is an exaggerated version of the event… but it’s exactly how I remember it in my head. :)

BlogHer ’11: Whew!

What. A. Whirlwind.

After a week with my awesome family and snuggling with my 2 babies (my own baby and my sister’s baby), I spent 2 fun-packed days in San Diego for the BlogHer’11 conference with the lovely Miss Molly from From the moment I stepped off of the plane, we were gogogo-ing. Literally, the moment I stepped off of the plane, Molly told me “get dressed in the passenger seat of the car, we’re driving straight to the Dermalogica/CND party.” Eeek!  

So… Night 1 Highlights:

  1. Amazing swag from Dermalogica/CND party. Am obsessed with Dermalogica products now.
  2. I got to meet The Bloggess! Surprising: she is MUCH taller than I expected.
  3. I nearly passed out when I saw that Pfizer now makes GREEN APPLE CHAPSTICK.

BlogHer day 2 was also a whirlwind. Molls and I never had time for breakfast all weekend (thank goodness Baileys & Coffeemate had booths in the expo hall!), and I’m pretty sure we didn’t eat a proper meal until Saturday night. Anyway, loved the sessions I attended on Day 1 of the conference, and was completely overwhelmed in the expo hall by the sheer volume of free swag that exhibitors were giving away. I felt like I was robbing the CVS booth (mascara, lip gloss, and new Salma Hayek makeup? yes please.), and had a blast taking pics with Molly at all of the booths with fun photo areas.

Day/Night 2 Highlights:

  1. Attended some really interestung sessions, took some rad photos with Molly on the expo floor.
  3. Won the one and only VIP pass to the Softcup Party on a nearby rooftop and had drinks with Mario Lopez, Amanda Beard, Ryan Cabrera and Clark Duke. Learned that I’m kind of an asshole around celebrities (separate blog post to come).

BlogHer day 3 was a hot hungover mess. I went to more amazing sessions (including “How to Pitch a Book” – anyone interested in a Superwife book? <3 ), drank a LOT more coffee and took it waaaaaay easy on the partying, as I had a flight first thing the next morning,

Day/Night 3 Highlights:

  1. Was completely inspired in the sessions I attended. I cannot wait to write a damn book.
  3. Shared my post about Johnson & Johnson baby wash with an actual Johnson & Johnson exec; she asked me to email it to her!

So… there you have it. I had a ton of fun, learned a ton of stuff, met a ton of people, took a ton of photos. A huge thanks again to my supersponsors, Paragon/Dirtt and Bradley Reid, for making it possible for Superwife to attend BlogHer’11!

Do you blog? You should totally go next year, when BlogHer’12 will be held in New York! Now… who would like to sponsor Superwife for 2012? NYC is a looooooong way away from AK…

Super BlogHer’11 Sponsors

Aaaaaaaaaagh! BlogHer’11 is in 2 days! And I’m not ready! Okay, I’m semi-ready… I got my business cards. And a few outfits. And I downloaded the BlogHer’11 iPhone app. But, I have not planned my seminar schedule or my PARTY schedule (besides The People’s Party on Thursday night, where I will probably just stalk The Bloggess in the bathroom so I can tell her how much she makes me laugh). I’m also annoyed that I can’t do ALL of my blogging from my new iPad2, so I think I’ll have to bring both of my computers (laptop plus iPad). But whatevs… I get to see MOLLLYYYYYYYYYY in 2 days!! :)

I’d also like to give a quick shoutout to my two wonderful SuperSponsors, who made it possible for me to attend the BlogHer conference this year: Paragon/Dirtt Modular Interiors and Bradley Reid + Associates! Both are great local Alaska businesses operated by “super” people. Check out their websites for more info on this interior design biz (Paragon) and advertising agency (Bradley Reid)… or, click on the logos below to check out their facebook pages!




***quick disclaimer: y’all, I broke my leg and had to have a titanium rod inserted from my knee to my ankle just 5 months ago. I’m bringin’ ONE pair of cute but plain heels, but I may not even wear them because I’m just not ready. I’m 5’2″ and not normally a flats girl, but that’s what I’ll be rockin at BlogHer. So no judging… just kn0w that NEXT YEAR, I’ll be 5’5″+ THE WHOLE TIME. Unless I break my other leg. *knock knock* (that’s me knocking on this wood coffee table I’m sitting next to)***

BLOGHER’11:You should go because I’m going…

Yepper… I’ve officially purchased my conference pass and I’m going to BlogHer ’11! Woop woop!

Since it’s finally in a city that I can get to without crossing the country, I’ve decided to attend the awesome BlogHer conference this year – and I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.

Superwife’s first official trip…! If you’re a blogger and you’re planning to attend, I’m so looking forward to meeting you… and if you’re a blogger and you’re not planning to attend, you should just admit that you might have a Facebook addiction, change your mind and get out of the house so you can attend. :)

If you’re not familiar with BlogHer, check out the community here. And then check out my profile here (although there isn’t really anything there that you wouldn’t find right here on my Superwife site). And then sign up and come to the conference. I still need a roommate (molly? molly?)!

ANYWAY… I’m stoked. Now I just need to book my airline ticket and my hotel.

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!