38 Weeks: Kidney Stones, but No Kid

Seriously? My kidney stones are back. Not as excrutiatingly painful as last time, but STILL! So, I’m “relaxing” as much as I can and drinking TONS of water again. Although I think I’ve really been drinking tons of water anyway, but whatever. I have my vicodin on hand as well, but I’m trying not to take it because I really don’t want to just sleep through my days.

At my 38 week appointment yesterday, doc told me that she wants me to get an epidural as soon as I check in during labor, for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m prone to kidney stones (clearly). If I get dehydrated at all during labor, I could be looking at dealing with both the pain of kidney stones AND the pain of labor… yuck.
  2. The scars on my cervix that were originally preventing me from getting pregnant in the first place are going to be “uncooperative” when I go into labor and she suspects that I will NOT dilate even though I’ll be advancing in labor… so she’ll probably have to manually dilate me, which will be, in her words, excrutiating and awful. She also told me that when I do check into the hospital, I need to have them call her right away because they’ll try to send me home since I won’t be dilated. Eeek!

So I guess that takes away the guesswork. I’ll be getting the drugs. I’m a little disappointed because I was kind of hoping to get through labor without them so my husband could be all proud of me, but I’m seeing less and less reason to put myself through that pain when my labor is looking like it might be more abnormal. Bummer. But not. :)

So… now we wait.

Due Date: 9 more days.