Boys make everything dirty

Adam and I made carne asada tacos for dinner tonight… and apparently I’m an idiot.

Adam: How should I cut the meat?

Me: Maybe not as big as we did last time.

Adam: Like little pieces?

Me: Yeah! I like tiny meat.

Adam: *giggle*

Billy: (from the living room): Ahhhahahahahaha

Me: No, you dorks, I LIKE TINY MEAT IN MY TACOS.


This is why I’m hoping for a girl. I need an ally.

Dog Farming

So, my 14-year-old brother, Billy, is up visiting Adam and I from Idaho for the summer, and I’ve had some… interesting conversations with him since he’s arrived. Observe:

Billy: Is Tali spaded?

Me: Hmmm… you mean spayed?

Billy: Yeah, that.

Me: No, we’re thinking about breeding her next year.

Billy: Wow, you WANT like 7 dogs?

Me: Well not to keep, silly!

Billy: WHAT? What do you mean?

Me: Well, we might keep one of her puppies, but we would sell the rest.

Billy: WHAAAAAT? You would SELL your dog’s BABIES?

Me: Um, yes.

Billy: (seemingly having a major realization) Whoa. Is that what your dad does?

*note: my dad has had quite a few boston terriers over the years, and has bred some of them a couple of  times

Me: Of course! Do you think my dad lives on a dog farm with 56 dogs??

Billy: Well… yeah. I thought that’s what the barns were… for the dog farm.

*note: my dad builds storage sheds for a living, and his business name is ‘Alaskan Barns’.

Me: I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.

Billy: I can’t believe you would sell your dog’s babies. How would you like it if someone sold YOUR baby?

Adam, jumping in: How would you like it if your 7 children lived with you all their lives?

Haha, great point, Adam… I’m sure I would be ready to sell my kids if they wanted to live with me forever! :)

All in the Family

I just HAD to repost this entry from my mom’s blog, JustJeri… a little peek into my family. Clearly, Adam and I don’t have the ONLY silly conversations around here…

Honors Student?

Posted by justjeri | Under Uncategorized Saturday Mar 20, 2010

My son and I have been going round and round about the Honors Program at his school. Apparently his teacher told him she wants him to be in the Honors Program. I told him his grammar is horrible, he can’t punctuate or spell so how could he be in the LANGUAGE Honors Program at school? Don’t get me wrong, he is smart and does really well in school, but Language Arts (English) is his worst subject. He is below average in English hands down!

This past Thursday he came home from school and said “My teacher wants me to be in the Honors Program and this time I don’t need your permission.” (Because before I told him no he was not ready)  He said “Well, I don’t need your permission and I don’t have to do anything, she’s just going to put me in it.” “Hmmmmm,” was all I said and the conversation was dropped.

Friday night Brian, Billy and I were sitting in the living room watching t.v. and Billy all of a sudden piped up and said “I seen that!!” ….I looked over at him and said “And your teacher thinks you should be in the Honors Program…?!”

He said “What did I say?” …I told him. Brian laughed. Then Billy says…
“Oh..I meant I sawn it.”    Hmmmmmm……

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