Super-versary: 4 Years!

Adam and I were laughing the other day at the fact that we’ve only been married 4 years, yet we sit in separate recliners in the living room, sleep with a pillow barricade between us in our king-sized bed, and spend 2-3 nights per week away from eachother. I think a lot of people would look at us and say “well that’s a loveless way to live!”…

They would be so, so wrong.

I frequently think about how much I love my life: my job, my family, my dog, my house, my baby, my husband… and my MARRIAGE. Sure, Adam doesn’t clean as much as I’d like him to, and he generates more laundry than an army, and he often forgets what I’ve just said as it’s coming out of my mouth, but we have a wonderful, wonderful life. He is thoughtful, and funny, and incredibly sincere, and protective in all the right ways, and ohhhhh my gosh does he love me.

Sure, we argue. About money, housework, jobs, parenting, the dog, family, whether or not some B-list celebrity was in some movie from the 80’s… but we have grown so much in our 7+ years together that we now know the most important thing about arguments – how to end them (and every year, we get closer to figuring out how not to begin them).

Adam and I learn from each and every relationship in our lives – our parents, our grandparents, our friends, our siblings, our aunts and uncles and cousins – they have all taught us something valuable to incorporate into our own relationship. I know that there are really only two people who make up a marriage, but I also believe that support plays a valuable role in the success of a marriage. We have the mose incredible support system – and I thank you ALL for that.

Our marriage is successful because we LOVE. We respect. We think. We forgive. We don’t walk away. We hug and kiss. We compromise. We compliment. We trust. We apologize. We consult. We accept. We laugh. We laugh even more. We wrestle and tickle. We support. We surprise. We pray. And we LOVE.

I just spent the last 45 minutes going through pictures of our life together, and I was brought to tears more than once. Adam has enriched my life more than he will ever know, and I am so, so thankful that God gave him to me.

Now… a little wedding anecdote for you, and then I’ll send you on with your day.

On the very same day I became a Superwife… I was also dubbed a “Superfreak.” I had chosen the song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire for Adam and I to walk back up the aisle to once we were pronounced husband and wife. It was an inside joke, and I couldn’t wait to see his face when he heard the song.

When the moment came for us to actually turn around, face all of our family and friends, and walk back up that wedding aisle… my DJ accidentally blasted “Super Freak” by Rick James.  So instead of getting a kick out of my little inside joke, I saw confused (and definitely amused) expressions on everyone’s faces as I paraded back up that aisle to the words “SHE’S A VERY KINKY GIIRRRRRRLLLL”!

And to this day, that is absolutely one of the funniest memories from our wedding. Unplanned, but hilarious! :)

So, to my Superhubby, happy 4th anniversary! Love love love you.



Such an Honorable Title

This weekend I received a wonderful surprise from my little sister that made me bawl my eyes out while smiling the whole time…. a beautifully packaged “message in a bottle”. See, my baby sister is getting married in Hawaii next February – so she mailed me an adorable glass bottle filled with sand and shells and decorated with starfish. It contained a scroll that, when unrolled, revealeded a heartfelt letter of admiration, praise, love and a Maid of Honor proposal.

Are you crying yet? Because you didn’t even read it! But just thinking about the act makes me tear up again. :) I assure you, the message would have you shedding big giant tears (but not crocodile tears, as I originally wrote, because my smart ass little brother corrected me and told me that crocodile tears are fake tears and you definitely wouldn’t be crying fake tears after reading Jessie’s letter).

ANYWAY… I mentioned the letter to my dad while he was visiting last night, and Adam just happened to be sitting right next to us. I hadn’t even shared the letter with him, because, well, he’s Adam. Besides, boys don’t get that kind of stuff (except Dad, because it concerned his daughters, so of course he teared up too). So, when I handed the letter to my dad, Adam asked about it. I just waved my hand and said “oh, Jessie sent me a really sweet letter.” Adam immediately turned to my dad and said “well it must be totally full of lies.” Hardy Har, Husband.

Here’s where the Adam-ism comes in (the one you’ll all be referencing in the future, trust me):

Adam: Why did she send you a sweet letter? And why was it in a bottle?

Me: She asked me to be her Maid of Honor. And the bottle was Hawaii-themed.

Adam: But I thought you couldn’t be a Maid of Honor anymore.

Me: Well, technically yes, I’d be the Matron of Honor since I’m married.

Adam: That sounds freaking awful. Might as well just call yourself “Old Bag of Honor”.

Me: Oh yes, that has such a nice ring to it. We’ll be sure to put that on the programs.

So Jessie… I’m totally looking forward to being your Maid Matron Old Bag of Honor. Is there any way we can find rhinestones to put that on a tshirt or something?

My baby sister, who is one of the most beautiful and fun people I know, and who is my best friend. <3

BlogTrotting to Alaska… You Betcha!

Welcome, BlogTrotters, to THE BEST ONE YET! (I’m sure everyone feels that way about their beautiful state.) Thanks so much to Carabee over at BlogTrotting for featuring Superwife and my amazing Alaska today. :) If you’re a Superwife regular and haven’t heard of BlogTrotting, head over there and check it out (but read this post first)!

So… what do you think of when you hear “Alaska”? Sarah Palin? ANWR? Deadliest Catch? Free money? Polar Bears?  Well, we’ve got all of that… plus a lot more.

Alaska, the Last Frontier, became the 49th state in 1959. This beast of a state measures in at 586,412 square miles – that’s 2.5 times the state of Texas (and about 1/5 the size of the Lower 48)!

Alaska’s own Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America (and boy is she puurty).

We’re just finishing up one of our most famous exploits at the moment: The Iditarod. Mushers and their teams of 16 dogs cover 1,161 miles in this annual chilly race from Willow to Nome. Lance Mackey just secured his 4th consecutive win this year – Congrats, Lance! In 1985, musher Libby Riddles became the first woman to win the race. Know why? ‘Cuz “ALASKA GIRLS KICK ASS”!


Wondering if the “Midnight Sun” rumors are true? You betcha they are! The longest day of our year is June 21st, when the sun really doesn’t set. We see three to four good months of loooooong days, and most of us know what really good “blackout shades” can do for a good night’s sleep! Right now it’s 8pm as I’m writing this and it’s as bright as can be outside. I love the onset of summer!

On the flipside, however, we have eight or nine cold, dark and sometimes downright depressing months of winter (we LIVE for weekends during those months!). Sometimes those days with only 5 hours of light can seem like a never-ending evening, but that’s what hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps by a roaring fire is for! 

Adam and I are crazy about the great outdoors, and neither of us could imagine calling any other place home. Alaska offers loads of family fun year-round, in everything from fishing to snowmachining (that’s snowmobiling, to you Lower 48-ers). We camp, ride ATVs, fish, play softball on a field with beautiful mountain views, snomachine, sled, ice fish, clam dig, hunt birds, caribou and moose… and we’re always looking for even more fun!

I couldn’t possibly finish a post about my fabulous state without mentioning my Alaska/fishing themed wedding… :) Adam and I were married July 12, 2008 on a gorgeous lake in Wasilla, AK. We incorporated our passion for fishing and the outdoors into every detail, and had an absolute blast with our family and friends well into the night (where we had light until nearly 11pm!).

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world, and I hope you’ll stay and read more of my silly yet sassy accounts of married life in Alaska. I try to share my ridiculous (yet frequent) conversations with my husband as often as possible, and hopefully you’ll be amused enough to stick around! Have fun on your next journey, BlogTrotters… and maybe you’ll head “North to Alaska” sometime soon! Oh, and by the way… we can’t see Russia from our house.