Thought I would share this little email exchange between my grandma and I last week, because it surprised and touched me. My last post about Grandpa Bill’s Beer Bread came after a whole day where I thought about my grandpa a lot, and I just really missed him. When I woke up in the morning I was really craving pancakes, so I busted out my Krusteaz mix and made myself a plate full of mini pancakes – my grandpa used to make me dollar-sized pancakes for breakfast when I was little, but he called them “Jenny-sized” pancakes. Then I ate them with Karo syrup, because that’s what he always used instead of regular maple syrup. And since I was already on a Grandpa kick… then I made beer bread. :)

From: Jenny
Date: 3/13/2010 7:34:39 PM
To: Grandma Nancy
Subject: Grandpa

Hi Grama!
I just wanted to share with you that I thought about Grandpa a lot today. This morning when I woke up I made myself mini (“Jenny”) pancakes, and I ate them with Karo syrup. :)
Then I made a loaf of beer bread from the recipe I have still hanging on my fridge (it’s been there since the day he dictated it to me at your dining room table), and I wrote about it on my blog. Thought you might like to see the entry:
Love you,

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:53:11 -0800
From: Grandma Nancy
Subject: Re: Grandpa
To: Jenny

Guess he must have been nudging you as it was his birthday! Maybe that’s why you thought of him so much. Your entry on the beer bread is fabulous…… You have really made so many wonderful “additions” to the original recipe and I’m sure Grandpa would be tickled pink.

Love you much…………………Grama


Huh. I really, truly had not known it was his birthday; I just felt close to Grandpa last Sunday!

“Forty, Douche!”

This happened the week before my wedding in 2008, when my family was up visiting from Idaho. I had to repost this from my other site because I just realized that I’ve written TWO posts about douching. WTF? I need new subject matter…

Scene: My living room, playing Nintendo Wii with Adam, my Mom, Karlynn (sister, 13), Kendyl (sister, 10) & Billy (brother, 12). Billy & Kendyl are playing Wii tennis for the first time. They are super excited and hyped up on sugar of some kind. Everyone else is watching/computering/etc.

Nintendo Wii: Beep boop… boop…. beeeep…. beep boop…. Forty, Deuce!

(that means they’re tied at 40 points… I had to look it up.)


Everyone (except Billy): Baaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa!!

Oddly enough, Karlynn laughs first and loudest of all.

Mom: It’s Doooose, baby. It means tie, same score. Doosh is something different.

Kendyll: What is it then?

Mom: Nothing. Keep playing. *pauses* Karlynn… why are YOU laughing?

Karlynn (shyly now): I dunno.

Mom: You don’t even know what that means.

Karlynn: I know.

Scene: Fred Meyer grocery shopping with Karlynn and my Mom.

Mom: Hey you two, come over here.

Me: Uh… why are we stopping in the condom aisle?

Karlynn: Baaaahaaaaahaaaahaa.

Mom: Jenny, grab the Massengill box down there on the bottom shelf

(This exact box!)

Me: uhhhhh… oohhhhhhhhh HAHAHAHAHA

Karlynn: What are we doing? Oh. My. God. WHAT ARE WE DOING?

Mom: Now, since you laughed so loud, I thought you should know what a douche really is… see it’s where you-

Karlynn: IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GROCERY STORE?? *bluuuuuuuuushing!!!*

Me: Ahhh…. I’m SO doing this to my kids.

My family rocks. :)

Side note: Way back a million years ago when I was 10, I remember sitting at the dinner table with my family (Mom, Dad, me, and 2 sisters Jessie and Sara, who were both 5 at the time) and one of the girls pissed me off somehow so I called her a dildo… and got sent to my room. I didn’t even know what it meant! Kids at school said it! So, I totally feel you Karlynn… I knew that word was bad, but not THAT bad! Now you’ll think differently next time you hear someone call someone a douchebag at school, eh? :)

6 Days Early? Really, what’s the difference?

I know that I should be like, the perfect audience for this commercial because I should agree that one day is SO MUCH TIME… but…

…is it just me or does the new First Response Pregnancy Test commercial remind anyone else of the 7-Minute Abs clip from There’s Something About Mary? “No one gets a good ab workout in six minutes!!”

I can’t find the FR commercial, but this is the gist: “New! FIRST RESPONSE® Early Result Pregnancy Test can now detect the pregnancy hormone, hCG, 6 days before your missed period.  Patent pending, Polymeric Amplification Technology (PAT) allows only FIRST RESPONSE® to detect the pregnancy hormone at lower levels than ever before. It is the ONLY pregnancy test that detects the pregnancy hormone 6 days before the day of the missed period, which is one day sooner than any other test on the market.” (Taken from the First Response website)

It just sounds like such a silly selling point to me. If you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant, and you’ll know when you don’t get your damn period. Eh? Why pay more money? Hell, I stock up on Dollar Store tests, and I still get a negative response whether I use those or the $12 tests each month. Booo.