Sun City – FREE Spray Tans!

As a (fairly) new mama, I have trouble finding time to make myself look amazing – gym, hair, makeup, you name it. So, when I got an email from a local tanning salon asking if I’d like to check out their new spray tan machine, I was all over it.

Spray tan… in less than 5 minutes… with a heated blow dry at the end? Count me in.

Last week I stopped by Sun City Tanning Salon to experience their new VersaSpa spray machine. I was greeted by the salon’s owner, Jenny, who had an adorable 4-mo-old baby on her hip - I instantly loved this place!

After quickly setting up an account, I was given the option of a light, medium or dark spray – with a clear or bronze application. I chose dark with bronzer – since I was in sweats (I came prepared), I didn’t have any worries about the solution getting on my work clothes (which would be where the clear spray comes in).

One of Jenny’s super-cute employees showed me the VersaSpa machine, gave me a quick overview of how to stand while being sprayed and set up the machine for me. This thing is awesome – the whole spray experience took LITERALLY 3 minutes. I stood in 4 different positions during the actual tanning-solution spray, then got a quick heated blow-dry and I was finished.

Having been sprayed before, I knew to liberally apply the blocker cream on my fingers & toes, and on my wrists and the back of my feet. I had no problems with weird tan lines after using the VersaSpa – thank goodness, because I HATE looking like a weirdo with crazy wrist tan lines!

When I came out of the room, the cute employee (Katie, I think?) gave me a few aftercare instructions:

Me: Well that was awesome!

Katie: Yeah, I love this new machine. So… just make sure you don’t get wet for 46 hours, then when you finally do shower some of the bronzer will go down the drain so don’t be alarmed. The tan will still be there, and it’ll even out a bit after the shower. Don’t use major exfoliants for a while because it’ll make the tan go away faster, and just make sure to keep moisturized! It should last about a week or so. What do you think?

Me: Uh, I’m sorry… I missed ALL of that last part… did you just tell me I can’t shower for FORTY-SIX HOURS? Holy shit I have to work!

Katie: BAHAHAHAHAHA! FOUR TO SIX HOURS. I was wondering why you were looking at me so weird.

Me: Oh… that makes more sense. Phew. Well now I feel like an idiot.

Okay, so did you get that? Here’s the summary: VersaSpa spray tan at Sun City Tanning = awesome. It takes 3 minutes, it has a heated dryer, and it’s a beautiful color that lasts about a week or so. Don’t shower for 4 to 6 hours after getting the spray.

Interested? It’s your lucky day! Jenny at Sun City is giving away a FREE SPRAY to TWO Superwife fans!  To win:

  1. Like the Sun City Tanning facebook page and leave a comment telling them Superwife sent you.
  2. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you did #1
  3. Wait and (possibly) win!

I’ll post two winners on Friday, September 30. In addition – if you can’t wait to win, or if you just want extra spray tans to use for special events (or every day beautiful color), Sun City has a promo for you…

Mention Superwife when you go in to purchase your spray tan and you’ll get an extra tan for FREE!

That makes each tan only $15. I’ve totally already bought 4 extras (and as a quick disclaimer: for the purpose of this review, my first spray was provided free. But I paid for 4 more since I liked it so much)!

Isn’t that color nice?

Green Apple Chapstick: Want One?

The first thing I got excited about at the BlogHer Conference last weekend wasn’t my shiny “Superwife” badge. It wasn’t the huge bag-o-swag I got upon registering. It wasn’t even the giant Statue-of-Liberty made entirely of Twizzlers (btw, wtf?)… it was the Pfizer booth in the Expo Hall. Which, I might add, is a shock since I happen to work for a competing pharmaceutical company (which shall remain nameless, of course).

Walking past the booth, I noticed a giant apothecary jar filled with Chapstick. I love Chapstick — no, I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE Chapstick… I seriously have one or two sticks in every single drawer, pocket, purse, wallet, cabinet, nightstand, corner… you get the point. I have every single flavor of chapstick that was ever made (except grape, bc I used it all when I was like ten and then they never rereleased it). In my stocking every year, Adam gives me about 50 new tubes of Chapstick. I am a Chapstickaholic. So naturally, I couldn’t help but sport a huge smile and run went to grab a stick for my purse. As I got a closer look at the jar, I nearly started hyperventilating when I saw that it was a new flavor of Chapstick that I’d never seen: GREEN APPLE.


My favorite flavor of all time. Put into Chapstick. Superwife almost had a super heart failure. I could barely breathe when I asked the gal at the booth if I could have fifty a stick, and then almost passed out when she gave me two. Molly laughed at me the whole time. No seriously you guys… I reacted to the Chapstick with more awe and breathlessness than when I met ACmuthafuckinSlater.

ANYWAY… clearlyI was raised in a Chapstick-obsessed family, as evidenced by the following texts I received that night from my mom and sister:



The text from my sister nearly made my pee my pants… do you get to keep it, lol. Still laughing.

After forcing convincing Molly to give me all of her Chapstick, and sneaking over to the Pfizer booth multiple times per day, I ended up with 14 sticks. Stingy bastards. :)

Okay SO… since this new flavor of Chapstick doesn’t come out for another MONTH (and omg who can wait that long?), and because I’m in a “sharing is caring” mood… I’m giving one lucky Superwife fan a tube of this super-sacred balm. But only one, because I am nice but also very very greedy, and I have a lot of drawers in my house.

Super easy rules: Comment on this post and tell me your favorite flavor of Chapstick. Or, tell me what flavor you wish Chapstick would come out with. Mine was Green Apple, so now I can die happy.

I’ll pick a random winner on Friday, August 19. GO! 

Oh, and thanks again to my supersponsors Paragon/Dirtt and Bradley Reid, for sending me to BlogHer and subsequently supporting my Chapstick habit.

Chewbeads Winner!

Thanks to everyone for checking out Chewbeads – Ellie is still enjoying ours, I may have to order a bracelet! :)

Aaaaaaand, the lucky Chewbeads winner is:


Comment number 12! Also known as TOSHA KELLY!

Tosha shared the contest link on her FB page – a great way to get extra entries - and as you can see… it paid off! :)

Congratulations Tosha, I’ll be contacting you soon. You’re going to LOVE your chewbeads (and I bet your gorgeous daughter will as well)!

Now… hopefully our next Superwife Giveaway will be for a Better Homes & Gardens complete bakeware set – to make that happen, go vote for Superwife’s Alaska Big Dipper Cookies in the BHG State Cookie Contest!! Vote every day through July 27th, and if Superwife wins she’ll get a bakeware set to give away to one of YOU! (AND… if Superwife wins… whoever wins the bakeware set might just also receive a lovingly-baked batch of delicious Alaska Big Dippers!)

State Cookie Contest (Better Homes & Gardens)

Wonderful news, lovelies! Superwife has been asked by Better Homes & Gardens to participate in a “State Cookie Contest”… as in, Superwife is the one and only delegate from Alaska, and will be competing against just – you guessed it – 49 other entries!

The task at hand is to create a delicious, original cookie recipe that best represents the great state of Alaska. Land of the Midnight Sun. The Last Frontier. Home of Superwife. :) Cookie creations will be uploaded to the BHG Facebook page and then fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite (by “liking” their favorite recipes). The recipe with the most “likes” at the end of the contest will win a $100 gift card to Walmart, a full set of the new BHG Bakeware line (accented in red, which means I am totally meant to win it because my entire kitchen is red), AND a full set of the bakeware to give away on their blog. I believe the full set includes 9 pieces (even though the picture below only shows 5).

After some mouthwatering suggestions from friends, I’ve decided to test out a few different recipes and then have readers choose which one Superwife submits to Better Homes & Gardens. So far, I’ve come up with the following three ideas:

Midnight Sun Snowballs

An Alaskan take on the delicious tea-cake favorite, the Midnight Sun Snowball is a shortbread-like, melt-in-your-mouth morsel that incorporates dried Alaskan blueberries and high-bush cranberries, as well as chopped pistachios as a reminder that, well, we Alaskans are all a little nutty. Rolled and coated in sweet powdered sugar, these little snowballs will have you yearning for a sledding session in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Alaska Big Dippers

The “go big or go home” version of a rugged Alaskan cookie, the Alaska Big Dipper is a mountainous oatmeal cookie filled with sweet and savory treats including dried high-bush cranberries and wild Alaskan raspberries, white chocolate chunks, peanut butter chips and rice krispies. Topped with a juicy Alaskan blueberry-white chocolate swirl frosting, these hearty cookies will surely remind you of The Last Frontier’s beautiful snow-capped mountain landscape.

Alaska’s Deadliest Chocolate

Deadlier than an Alaskan crab-fishing excursion, the Alaska’s Deadliest Chocolate is a chocolatey-chocolate explosion packed with dark and white chocolate chunks, baked around a rich fudge-y center and topped off with a creamy snow-white chocolate frosting. Are you in heaven yet?

So… quick temperature check: how are we feeling about these options? Any of them stick out? Any of them suck? Anything you think is missing? I haven’t put these recipes to the kitchen quite yet, but I did just receive my cookie sheet from BHG to test during this whole creation process, so I believe I’ll start this week. Please send me your feedback so I can make this OUR contest entry – LET’S WIN THIS!

Chewbeads Review & Giveaway

I stopped wearing all of my beautiful jewelry the day Ellie was born (nearly 8 whole months ago!)…. even before she could grab onto my pretty necklaces, I didn’t like her tiny little face smashing into them when she slept on my chest (which was every 2 hours for the first few months!). Cue Chewbeads, a baby-safe jewelry for moms to enjoy as well…

When Ellie and I received a set of Chewbeads a few weeks ago, she seriously could not keep her hands off of them – it’s like I was constantly wearing toys around my neck! It got to the point where when I put her down, I would just have to give them to her (always supervised, of course). I also sent them to her babysitter (fellow mommy and BFF Jen) and her baby Talon enjoyed them as well.

So here’s the lowdown on Chewbeads: they’re made of non-toxic, BPA/PVC/phthalate-free high grade silicone, and they’re strung on extremely strong deep sea fishing tackle and have a breakaway clasp so that the strands don’t break. They’re super easy to take care of – I just wash mine in the dishwasher! Oh and… AND… they come in like a million colors! Okay well, 2 different necklace styles, about 17 different colors, and 2 different bracelet styles (they’re also available in gift sets).

Ellie and I have the Jane necklace in Ivory – I definitely plan on stocking up on some new colors soon. Ellie hasn’t even officially started teething yet, and these are already a favorite. Plus – the best part – they look great on moi! Fashionable, chunky beads, similar to something I would have purchased before my little munchkin was born! Now, in the spirit of fair balance, I will share with you my one and only complaint… I do have very long hair, and when I wore my hair down with the Chewbeads on it always got tangled up between the beads. Easy fix – I just make sure my hair is up when I put on the necklace; I do think it’s something to take note of, however, if you’re not a ponytail kind of gal. Otherwise… go get some of these right now! :)

Now for the fun part – who wants to win a free pair of Chewbeads? The entry requirements for this giveaway are simple:

  • 1. “Like” The Adventures of Superwife on Facebook
  • 2. “Like” Chewbeads on Facebook and tell them “Superwife sent me, and my favorite Chewbeads are ______!” (This is where you tell Chewbeads what you’d love to win… for example, the Jane necklace in Ivory or the Hudson necklace in Turquoise)

Comment on this blog post telling me that you completed the requirements, and you’ll be entered to win!

DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT HERE – otherwise, how will I know you entered? :)

Now, if you decide you’d like more entries, here is your chance: share a link to this blog post on your facebook wall and comment on this blog post telling me you did so. (worth 1 extra entry per person per day – you can enter every day of the contest!)


Winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 6.

Good luck lovelies!


Disclaimer: Although Superwife received a free sample of this product to review, all views expressed in this post are hers (and Superbaby’s). Superwife will always give a fair review of products, and will only positively endorse products she actually feels positive about! Superwife will only give you her true opinion – and if you think she’d sell out or change her tune for free stuff, then you simply haven’t been reading long enough to know that that would be ludicrous! :) Now check out some other Superwife posts and get to know her better. Enjoy!

Paciplay Winner

Okay Superwife fans… thanks to everyone who entered to win the Paciplay all-in-one pacifier keeper & teether! I used to generate the winner (after compiling a numbered list of entries) and I am pleased to announce the winner of the new cute green teddy bear Paciplay is…


Jeri entered a total of 5 times, and it definitely payed off! Congratulations, Jeri, and good luck in the next contest to all of my Superwife fans. :)

Stay tuned for a new review and giveaway coming up this week: has anyone ever heard of chewbeads?  :)

Paciplay Review and Giveaway

Last week Ellie and I were lucky enough to try out a cool new product that I’ve been eyeing online: the PaciPlay by Toes For Eyes.

It’s a pacifier clip that’s also a teether – choice! I’m a huge fan of pacifier clips these days, as Ellie loves chucking things (I see softball in her future!), but she’s still not quite crawling so she can’t retrieve her own stuff.

Toes For Eyes sent Ellie a pretty “fairytale pink” Paciplay with a pacifier adapter, so it fits most of our pacifiers with the exception of the soothie brand. (Even though most pacifier clips don’t fit the soothies, I’ve found that if I really need to, I can always use a little piece of elastic – like a small no-metal hairtie – to make the Soothies compatible with any clippie.) 

Ellie loved it immediately, and began chewing and yanking on it as soon as I clipped it to her shirt. It has a few raised edges, so I imagine they feel pretty good on her gums – she doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I know they’re coming!

One of the things about the paciplay that I liked is that it’s super easy to clean. Because it’s silicone (non-toxic, BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone) I can just give it a quick paciwipe bath or rinse under the faucet and it’s as good as new – unlike the ribbon pacifier clips, which pick up grime quick when they’re all slobbery and saturated from Ellie chewing on them nonstop.

The Paciplay is obviously a little more stiff than a regular ribbon pacifier clip, so I did notice that sometimes when Ellie spit out her pacifier it wasn’t that simple for her to get it back into her mouth – mostly because if she picked up the pacifier in a way that twisted the Paciplay, it kept wanting to twist opposite the way she was trying to guide it into her mouth. I don’t think this would be an issue if Ellie were just a little bit older, so I’m sure that when her motor skills develop just a bit more this twisty thing won’t even be an issue. She never got frustrated with it anyway, because when she couldn’t get the pacifier back into her mouth she just happily chewed on the silicone Paciplay, so… success!  

Superwife’s Bottom Line: WE LOVE IT!

 The Paciplay is cute, functional, and safe. It’s stretchy and chewy and unlike anything I’ve seen on the baby market so far, and Superbaby loves it.

Paciplays retail for $8.95 at the website, and there are 14 adorable designs to choose from in 6 different colors.

So… want one for your little kiddo? What a coincidence, because Superwife has one for you to win! Enter using the directions below for a chance to win a green “GumsRBear” Paciplay (with pacifier adapter) for your superbaby:

The Paciplay giveaway will remain open until May 31. Winner will be chosen using and announced via The Adventures of Superwife Facebook page (winners will also be contacted by email). After announcement & email, winner will have 3 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Luck to everyone!


  • (1) entry: “Like” Toes For Eyes on Facebook, and leave a comment on their wall letting them know that Superwife sent you. (I’ll be checking!) Then leave a comment here on this post telling me you did so.


For each of the following actions, you will get one additional entry. Just make sure you leave a separate comment here for each entry method you participate in (example: if you like the Toes For Eyes Facebook, like the Superwife Facebook and share the link to this post two days in a row on your Facebook page, you’ll need to leave 4 separate comments telling me so!).

  • (1) entry per day: Share this post on your Facebook page (can be done once per day)
  • (1) entry: write a blog post about The Adventures of Superwife with a link to this giveaway

Remember to leave a comment here on this post for each of your entries!



Disclaimer: Although Superwife received a free sample of this product to review, all views expressed in this post are hers (and Superbaby’s). Superwife will always give a fair review of products, and will only positively endorse products she actually feels positive about! Superwife will only give you her true opinion – and if you think she’d sell out or change her tune for free stuff, then you simply haven’t been reading long enough to know that that would be ludicrous! :) Now check out some other Superwife posts and get to know her better. Enjoy!