Jewelry in Candles GIVEAWAY

WINNER UPDATE: Commenter JEN, congratulations! You’ve got your apple harvest candle wish – hope you get something awesome inside! :) Please email me your shipping info and confirm that you want the apple candle, and I’ll have Julie send it your way! (And then when you find out what jewelry is in your candle, please let us know!)



Hey friends! With Christmas just around the corner, Julie from Jewelry in Candles would like to offer up a FREE candle (or tart) to one lucky reader!

If you haven’t seen these things yet, check them out. They are so neat! Basically, it’s a super yummy-smelling soy candle that has a unique piece of jewelry in it. They’re nicely wrapped so they don’t get all waxy, and each candle has something different in it – I’ve even seen a Tiffany necklace come out of one! Check out some of these examples:

1451454_173828736145707_569856365_n 1455048_175116716016909_1927900119_n 1463521_175135276015053_640699913_n 1474393_178012842393963_1453578293_n

So here’s the deal… Julie is giving away one free candle or tart of your choice. All you have to do is go check out the website, like her Facebook page, and leave a comment here telling me which scent you think you would like the best.

See the Jewelry in Candles website HERE.

Check out the Facebook page HERE.

Now tell me what you think! :)

I’ll choose a random commenter on Wednesday, December 4 to win a free candle or tart! Good luck, lovelies!

Also, for those of you who might not want to wait, there is a great special for Jewelry in Candles going on right now. Need some Christmas ideas?

Buy 2 candles or tarts- get 15% off  (Code: SMELLSGREAT)
Buy 3 candles or tarts- get 20% off (Code: SHOPWITHME)

Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – Review & Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered to win the 3D lashes. If you’d still like to try them, please check out the Superwife-Younique Online Party (open through November 11, 2013). There you’ll be able to order the lashes for just $29, and you can check out some of Younique’s other items as well (hint: the lipglosses are BOMB). :)


A friend of mine recently became an Independent Distributor for Younique (makeup and beauty products). Her best-selling product is by far the Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – so guess what? She’s giving away a kit to one lucky Superfan!

Before just throwing free stuff at you…here is a quick review from my Fiber Lash trial. :)

Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is a two-piece kit containing a tube of gel and a tube of brush-on fibers that create the look of false eyelashes in just moments. NOW… I have to be completely real here for a moment and let you all know that I have crazy long eyelashes to begin with – so my results *may* be a bit dramatic. However, I’ve heard from several friends now that this kit really does work wonders, so I’m confident that it’ll be beautiful on you, too!

The two pieces in the kit are called the Transplant Gel (step 1) and the Natural Fibers (step 2).  Each are tubes of product that look and apply just like mascara, and they come in a super-cute little carrying case.

3D lash casemoodstrucklashes

This included instructions say that you need to apply one coat of mascara of your choice to darken the roots of your lashes, then let it dry completely before using the Younique 3D Lash kit.  I, however, just started directly with the Transplant Gel – I was worried that I’d look like a hooker if I put on my own mascara first! Okay… so you need to act sort of quickly when using these items, so I worked on one eye at a time, and had the caps loosened on both tubes to have them ready.  First brush on the Transplant Gel – this is what the fibers stick to, so be liberal in your application.  Second, apply the Natural Fibers – brush them on like you would any regular mascara. And you’re done! Gorgeous lashes in moments. According to the catalog, Moonstruck lashes add a 300% increase in thickness and volume. Here are my example pics:



Above, you can see the major difference in my lashes with and without the Fiber Lashes – one eye with and one eye without. I really, really liked the result. I think these are perfect for anyone who wants really dramatic lashes but doesn’t have the time to apply fake ones every single day. Try some out for yourself, or consider the upcoming holidays and think about who among your friends and family would love this!


Are you hooked yet?


Contact Sam Meurer, 907-947-0514

And now for ze free stuff! To be entered to win a FREE Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Kit…

1. Like Sam’s Younique Facebook Page

2. Comment here and tell me what YOUR favorite asset is – your eyelashes? Your smile? Your sweet booty that you work so hard on at the gym? Tell me what part of YOU that you love most.

I’ll announce a winner via facebook on Thursday, October 31. :)

*UPDATED* Uncommon Goods – Review & Giveaway


Thank you to everyone who entered, I enjoyed reading all of your wish lists! Aaand now I want to go and spend a whole bunch of money on that site, lol.

Congratulations to JENNIFER LEWIS! Go buy your wine pearls, polar bear ice tray, and anything else your heart desires. :)

It seems that my family has been hit with a damn plague over the last month – at any given point, someone has been sick. I am EXHAUSTED from playing Doctor Mommy and I’m SO ready for everyone to be back at full health. When I received an awesome package of goodies from Uncommon Goods to review a few weeks ago, it definitely brightened my day!

For those of you who have never heard of the company, Uncommon Goods is a privately-owned retailer that specializes in super-creative & unique items and gifts. They’re environment-conscious, pay their employees well (the lowest paid seasonal worker in their warehouse starts at 50% above minimum wage!), and nearly half of their products are made by hand. Most items are created in the USA, and right around a third of their stuff incorporates recycled or upcycled materials. As if all that wasn’t enough to make you take a peek… their stuff is just plan COOL!

I agreed to review a few items from their collection, and I have to say I really wasn’t disappointed with anything! Here is the lowdown on the items I’ve been testing out over here in SuperHouse for the past few weeks:


Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Okay, this thing is just RAD. I’ve been *trying* to drink a lot more water, and I’m sure many of you have the same issue that I do with water just becoming… boring. Enter this sweet water bottle. First off, it’s glass — making it a little heavier than most water bottles, but it never tastes like plastic so… bonus! The flavor infuser is really easy to use – I’ve tried strawberries, cucumbers, blueberries, mint and rosemary in it (all separately) to enhance my water over the last few days, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. I’m sure you guys could come up with even more awesome ingredients and cool combinations – send them my way! Anyway, this water bottle is only $14.99, and would make a sweet Christmas gift (wait, it’s THAT time of year AGAIN?? ALREADY?). Head on over here for more great under-$100 gift ideas . :)


Garlic Rocker

Again, RAD. Adam and I had been buying those big tubs of pre-minced garlic from Costco for forever, but lately we’ve noticed we just really like the taste of FRESH garlic much better. I super-hate chopping garlic because well… everything. I hate getting it all over my hands because I’m constantly worried that I might forget to wash it all off and then I’ll touch Jamie’s butt or something – EEK (as if I need any more reasons to worry about Jameson’s butt). This garlic rocker thing is amazing because it basically keeps your hands garlic-free… and even if it doesn’t, it’s made of stainless steel so washing your hands *with* the thing when you’re finished actually removes all of the smell! It’s pretty much genius. And it’s only $15… check it out along with other gifts under $50 here.


Sprout Soap

Well this little bar of soap is just plain pretty, don’t you agree? I opened it less than 5 minutes after I took it out of the box and jumped in the shower – it smelled so heavenly I wanted to use it IMMEDIATELY. In addition to being pretty and smelling yummy, it made my skin feel awesome – here’s the description of the soap from Uncommon Goods: “Olive, coconut, and palm oils are blended with shea and cocoa butters for a creamy blend of moisturizing elements that will pamper parched skin. An aromatic mix of lemongrass, lavender, and rose geranium impart the bar with a gentle perfume plucked straight from the garden.” Yeah, I’d agree with all of that. This little baby is only $6.50 – I’d say a pretty good price for something I’ve used almost every day for 2 weeks and haven’t seen much shrinkage. I anticipate it’ll last me quite a while (as long as I can keep it away from the kids – it’s so neat-looking that it’s the first thing they grab for when they get in the bathtub!). :)


Boom Cards (Random Acts of Kindness Kit)

Okay, this item I don’t have *too* much experience with yet, but I am excited about it. This whole “random acts of kindness” fad is growing, and these cards are like a cool, organized version. Basically it’s a little bag with 25 cards in it, each with a random act of kindness suggestion printed on it. You can hand them out to random people, or perform the acts yourself (with or without explanation to your recipient). The cards all have a registration number on them, so if people feel inclined they can hop online and see where the card has been — a really neat concept I think, and hopefully something others will jump on board with. Even if the online thing doesn’t catch on, the cards and the resulting kindness acts are sweet. I’ve used three so far, and they’re cute. I’ve also left a few for strangers – on someone’s windshield at the gas station, and in someone’s locker at the gym. Anyway… an interesting concept, and probably a cool gift for the right person! These Boom Cards are only $10 at Uncommon Goods.


So – all of these awesome little items were less than $50. Pretty good, right? Check out these and many other gift ideas over at Uncommon Goods… you won’t be disappointed!


Now for the fun part — WHOOOOOOO would like a $50 gift card to spend on anything you want over at Uncommon Goods? You could get 3 water bottles, or 3 garlic rockers, or 7 sprout soaps, or 5 kindness kits… or ANYTHING you want! Here’s how to enter:

*check out the gift collection over at

*Comment on THIS POST and tell me what you’d spend your $50 on

For extra entries:

*“like” the Superwife Facebook page and share the a link to this post on your Facebook wall. Let me know you shared by either commenting on this post or on the Superwife Facebook page. :)

*”like” Uncommon Goods on Facebook (make sure you let me know that you did!)

* sign up for the Uncommon Goods email (again, tell me that you did so)

I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, September 27th (sometime before I pick up the kiddos from daycare, so get those entries in before 5pm!). Good Luck!

(disclaimer: I got this stuff from Uncommon Goods for free to review and write about on this blog. I was not required to put a positive spin on anything, but I did because I genuinely liked the products I was reviewing.)

Carrs/Safeway/Chevron Gas Rewards – Win $50!

—GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to winner Natasha Price!—

Who here is signed up for the Carrs/Safeway rewards program? You know, the one where you put in your phone number at checkout and then on your receipt it tells you how many free sandwiches/gas discount points/ airline miles you’ve earned? (Also I’ve noticed the checkers at Carrs/Safeway are always wonderful about remembering to say “Thank you Mr. Jones!” when Adam uses my rewards number — cracks me up and grinds his gears every single time to hear him addressed by MY maiden name.)

Anyhooo… I’ve got some great news! You can now use those gas rewards points not only at Carrs/Safeway gas stations, but also at participating Chevron locations!! I don’t know if you pay attention to the quality of gas you put in your car, but Chevron serves up some pretty good gas. So basically, now when you’re spending all that dough on groceries for your family (or booze for yourself), you’re also earning a pretty good discount on gas for your family vehicle (or your hot little sports car, whichever). The discount could be up to $1 per gallon at Chevron!

So… listen up. If you’re not currently enrolled in the Carrs Plus/Safeway Club Card Program, go sign up. Just ask your checker for an application, or print this one out and take it in during your next shopping trip. You’re gonna want to do this so that you can enjoy all of the sweet rewards points you could possibly earn if you win this $50 GIFT CARD that I’ll be awarding to one of you lucky superfans. :)

I’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately, so I want to hear from YOU. In order to enter to win this $$…

1. Leave a comment on this blog post – tell me what made your day, or week, or month. Just tell me what you feel great about right now. Did your baby say his first word? Did you ace an exam? Get a raise? Get married? Finally get that damned bathroom clean while the kids napped? Lose 5lbs? Sleep in on a weekday? Confront the butthole who’s been stealing your identity and telling everyone you wear dentures? It could be ANYTHING. :)

2. Share the Superwife Facebook page and send me some new fans. Make sure they post on the Superwife wall and say “_____ sent me!” (Bonus entry if you also get them to tell me what made them smile today). These friends of yours will also earn an entry when they like/post!


I’ll close the giveaway and choose a winner on Sunday, August 4 (sometime in the evening, probably after I put my kids to bed). Good luck!


**Superwife was provided with a Carrs/Safeway gift card for the purposes of reviewing the rewards program, however, any opinions expressed in this post are Superwife’s own and were not influenced by any promotional relationship with Carrs/Safeway. Carrs/Safeway will be providing the winner’s gift card as well, and prize fulfillment responsibilities lie with the company. (In other words, I’m not a sellout but I thought this was something you’d all really like to win… and once I provide Carrs/Safeway with a winner’s name and contact information, it’s up to the company to get your prize mailed out to you. Got it?)**

Conscious Box Giveaway – Ends 4/14

Hey-yo!! Some of you may have seen me posting on Facebook lately about my subscription box finds. I’m forever on the lookout for awesome deals, and subscription boxes are just the coolest thing to receive in the mail each month – it’s always a surprise! I’ve been known to gift subscriptions to friends via Love With Food, BirchBox and Ipsy, and I’m currently a subscriber to Citrus Lane, BirchBox and NewBeauty TestTube. AND, I’m always on the lookout for new, cool boxes.
So… I’m excited to announce that Superwife is now partnering with Conscious Box and will be giving away a free 3-month box subscription to one lucky SuperFan! 
Conscious Box
From the Conscious Box website:
“Conscious Box helps you discover the purest, healthiest natural products in the world from the most ethical companies. From natural beauty to health food and non-toxic home goods, you’ll find better alternatives for all areas of your life.

Conscious Box has created an easy, fun way to discover new favorites. The Conscious Box subscription is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet–just like you! They selectively choose their products, only allowing the purest companies working toward the most ethical goals. Each month, you meet 10-20 of these companies right at your doorstep! (It’s like a birthday, every month!)

As you discover new favorites, Conscious Box makes it fun (and rewarding!) to leave reviews and ratings so businesses can improve their product, packaging, and business as a whole. We place YOU at the core of helping natural products go from good to great! Earning points along the way, you’re then able to apply savings to your favorite products. Simply choose how many points you’d like to spend and boom! You’re on your way to enjoying your favorite product at a fresh, low price.”

SuperFans, this sounds like such an awesome company. I know so many of you are dedicated to being green, shopping local, serving & consuming non-GMO… doesn’t Conscious Box make subscription boxes just THAT much better?

So, in addition to the giveaway, Conscious Box is offering Superwife readers 25% off all purchases through April! Just enter the code LOVELIFE for any subscription through the end of the month.

Conscious Box Giveaway

One winner will receive a 3-month Conscious Box subscription (worth $59). To be entered, please complete the following two steps:

1. Visit Conscious Box on Facebook ( and “like” their page. Leave a comment saying that Superwife sent you!

2. Leave a comment on this post telling me that you liked CB’s facebook page.

That’s it! Doing the above will get you entered to win. For BONUS entries:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me how you and your family find ways to be “Earth Conscious”… do you recycle? Use cloth diapers? Utilize a compost bin? Please share!

2. Share the CB Facebook page on your wall (and make sure to tell me you did so)

There you go – three ways to enter, easy-peasy. Good luck!

Winner will be announced VIA FACEBOOK on APRIL 15, 2013.

Please “like” Superwife on Facebook in order to receive contest updates (and other funny posts, sarcastics quips, and adorable photos of my SuperKids).   


(UPDATED) 9′ iPhone Cord Giveaway –

UPDATED Friday 8/10 – Annnnnnnd drumroll please… the winner is: Christopher Sellers! Thanks Christopher, your number was randomly selected using from the list of paymatrix members and post commenters. Please send me your mailing information and I will pass it along to Moolala this afternoon (they’ll ship out your prize within a week!).

And for everyone who really wanted a 9′ iphone cord – it just so happens that is offering one TODAY at a discounted price of $12. Click HERE to buy one for yourself! :)

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend! 


I’ve posted about Moolala before – back when the site was just about to launch early last year. It’s the daily deals site (I know, we’re all addicted to these damned daily deals sites) that offers you 2% rewards for every deal you purchase, every deal your friends purchase, all the way up to your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends. Insane, I know. To date, I’ve earned around $75 – and trust me, I’ve put it to use. I’ve taken advantage of deals for movie tickets, aesthetician services, hair salons, Ellie’s birthday invitations and most frequently, photo canvases (ohhh, how I’m obsessed with photo canvas deals).

Today, however, Moolala would like to offer Superwife fans a chance to win an item from one of their most succesful recent deals – the NINE FOOT iphone cable. Nine freaking feet, you guys. That’s three times as long as the standard iphone charging cord. I can’t even begin to describe how useful this is… but I’m sure you all desperately want one.

SO… here’s the scoop you need to enter this giveaway:

  • All you need to do is sign up for a account using THIS LINK (my unique referral code)
  • If you already have a account, leave a comment on this post
  • I will use the names from my Moolala Paymatrix and from the comments to select a winner on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10
  • Moolala will send out the charger within one week of me sending them the winner’s information

Have fun and good luck (and good luck spending time shopping on every day like I do, lol). Here is a necessary little disclaimer: If you sign up for a free Moolala account using the Superwife referral link, anytime you make a purchase through Moolala in the future I will earn a 2% commission (but, so will you). If you invite YOUR friends, you’ll earn a commission. We all win.

Sign up for a free account HERE to enter to win a 9′ iPhone 4/4s Charging/Syncing Cable.

Updated with winner! Huggies Hawaiian Diapers – Giveaway

UPDATED: This giveaway is now closed. I love love loved reading about all of your adorable little babies, thanks to everyone for sharing! Although we can only have ONE winner, you can all get the cute Huggies Hawaiian diapers in stores or at (see “Superwife’s Picks” on the right sidebar here to check out my Amazon baby recommendations).  Congratulations to Superfan #11 – Sarah Rock! Sarah, email me your mailing info to [email protected] and I’ll pass it along to the people over at Huggies. :)

Ellie and I recently visited our family in Idaho, and it was so wonderful to see the girls play together again. Every month they get smarter and smarter, and I just love seeing the way they interact with one another at each new stage. My little beauties!

This little summer photo shoot is brought to you by the new Huggies Hawaiian Diapers – Ellie and Emma pranced around in these designer duds all day, and holy moly were they adorable! Oh and hey, you know what? You could outfit your little one in the same diapers – because Huggies has offered to send a SuperFan a free summer-themed beach kit, complete with a package of Hawaiian diapers and wipes, some cute little goodies and an LLBean tote!

You’ve got two ways to enter the giveaway:

1. Comment on this post and tell me something cute about your little one (and include their diaper size!).

2. Send a new fan to the Superwife Facebook page – if they comment on the page and tell me you sent them, I’ll enter you both!

I’ll pick a winner on Friday, July 13 (could be your lucky day!).

Good luck and I hope you all are having a “super” summer!

Disclaimer: I received a free summer-themed beach kit with diapers and wipes from Huggies. Since I already use Huggies on a daily basis anyway (thank you, Costco prices!), this didn’t influence my opinions of the brand in any way – except that now I’m glad they offer even cuter diapers!