Don’t you know the rules?

Setting: Adam walks in as I’m just finishing up staining the guest bedroom bed (which he built out of pine like 5 years ago). 


Me: I’m almost done.

Adam: Should you be breathing this?

Me: Well it needed to be done and I’m very impatient. But I’m almost done, what do you think?

Adam: It’s fine.

Me: Ummm, I just spent two hours staining this, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Adam: It looks okay.

Me: When I ask you what you think about an irreversible thing, you have to say you love it. It’s the rule.

Adam: It looks okay. The thing about pine is, when you stain it, it takes away the color.

Me: Isn’t that what staining DOES?

Adam: I liked the pine. Now it just looks like cedar or something. It looks fine though.

Me: *sigh* Go.

Adam: What? 


Pre- and post-stain. Tali looks worried/suspicious only because I’m doing something that doesn’t involve her. And the lighting in this room is crap, but I assure you the bed looks AWESOME. And I’m only a little bit high.