Carrs/Safeway/Chevron Gas Rewards – Win $50!

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—GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to winner Natasha Price!—

Who here is signed up for the Carrs/Safeway rewards program? You know, the one where you put in your phone number at checkout and then on your receipt it tells you how many free sandwiches/gas discount points/ airline miles you’ve earned? (Also I’ve noticed the checkers at Carrs/Safeway are always wonderful about remembering to say “Thank you Mr. Jones!” when Adam uses my rewards number — cracks me up and grinds his gears every single time to hear him addressed by MY maiden name.)

Anyhooo… I’ve got some great news! You can now use those gas rewards points not only at Carrs/Safeway gas stations, but also at participating Chevron locations!! I don’t know if you pay attention to the quality of gas you put in your car, but Chevron serves up some pretty good gas. So basically, now when you’re spending all that dough on groceries for your family (or booze for yourself), you’re also earning a pretty good discount on gas for your family vehicle (or your hot little sports car, whichever). The discount could be up to $1 per gallon at Chevron!

So… listen up. If you’re not currently enrolled in the Carrs Plus/Safeway Club Card Program, go sign up. Just ask your checker for an application, or print this one out and take it in during your next shopping trip. You’re gonna want to do this so that you can enjoy all of the sweet rewards points you could possibly earn if you win this $50 GIFT CARD that I’ll be awarding to one of you lucky superfans. :)

I’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately, so I want to hear from YOU. In order to enter to win this $$…

1. Leave a comment on this blog post – tell me what made your day, or week, or month. Just tell me what you feel great about right now. Did your baby say his first word? Did you ace an exam? Get a raise? Get married? Finally get that damned bathroom clean while the kids napped? Lose 5lbs? Sleep in on a weekday? Confront the butthole who’s been stealing your identity and telling everyone you wear dentures? It could be ANYTHING. :)

2. Share the Superwife Facebook page and send me some new fans. Make sure they post on the Superwife wall and say “_____ sent me!” (Bonus entry if you also get them to tell me what made them smile today). These friends of yours will also earn an entry when they like/post!


I’ll close the giveaway and choose a winner on Sunday, August 4 (sometime in the evening, probably after I put my kids to bed). Good luck!


**Superwife was provided with a Carrs/Safeway gift card for the purposes of reviewing the rewards program, however, any opinions expressed in this post are Superwife’s own and were not influenced by any promotional relationship with Carrs/Safeway. Carrs/Safeway will be providing the winner’s gift card as well, and prize fulfillment responsibilities lie with the company. (In other words, I’m not a sellout but I thought this was something you’d all really like to win… and once I provide Carrs/Safeway with a winner’s name and contact information, it’s up to the company to get your prize mailed out to you. Got it?)**

Did this make you laugh? Cry? Feel something? Leave a comment and let me know, or subscribe to the RSS feed to have future posts delivered to your feed reader! Cheers!

24 Responses to Carrs/Safeway/Chevron Gas Rewards – Win $50!

  1. Whitney Bonin

    Haha….the checker does the same thing to Micah….only Dannenbring never gets pronounced right and so there is this extra long drawn out akward moment of the cashier trying to make an unsuccessful attempt at using my maiden name. Ha love it!

  2. nena lotzer

    Just had my baby girl Allison two weeks ago. So perfect and sweet!

  3. Brenda Lester

    Hatcher turned 6 months old this week!!! It made me realize that I’m doing a lot of things right. ;)

  4. Jessica

    It’s Wedn night (8/31) I am looking forward to working out tomorrow. I am proud of the work I have put in the garden but I need to get my butt in shape!

  5. Jessica

    I shared :) FB – Organicall You

  6. Sierra

    Having my business become more and more successful. To finally find something that inspires me and something I’m passionate about.

  7. Christina Lyle

    What a perfect day for this for me!!! I met and exceeded my sales goal at work and couldn’t be more excited!!! (Surpassing your boss in sales helps as well). I smiled like crazy today. :)

  8. Kia Castillo

    We almost caught our limit of salmon this month! That’s pretty exciting!

  9. Brenda Lester

    Okay I know I can’t enter this way again but I MADE IT 15 MINUTES ON THE TORTURE DEVICE TODAY! No panic attacks. When that little buzzer went off it made my month!!!

  10. Sara

    Finally folding all my laundry…

  11. Triscilla

    It’s Wednesday 7/31/13 This past weekend my coworkers baby shower was a huge success, work has been going pretty well and tonight after work I got to catch up with one of my closest girlfriends. We had dinner and went walking and it was really nice. Tomorrow my schedule changes and I will be a work much earlier and getting off of work earlier as well :) It’s gonna be a great month.

  12. Sara

    Looking forward to meeting my niece for the first time August 10th is making each day a little brighter! :)

  13. Lorianne

    I’m excited to be getting fit and healthy this month! For my kids, husband, but especially for me!

  14. Sharae Selders

    What made my day was when my girls cleaned the house and did laundry (folded & put away). And my hubby walking in the door right after work, and giving me & the girls each a hug and kiss on the forehead.

  15. Kaleigh Thompson

    This has been an exceptionally tough week/month for our family as our grandma is very sick and started hospice. However, I found time to smile a few times this week; when I noticed my son sharing (which can be very difficult for a tot who loves that one particular toy) when I realized my Grama was at peace with the coming changes and the smile she gets when we walk through the door and when I awknolaged what great support and network of living family members I have. I also found a skinny girl ‘healthy’ cookie recipe that wasn’t too bad, my picky eater even approved

  16. Natasha Price

    What made my week was when I suggested to my 15-month-old son that he bring me a book to read and he waddled to his room and brought me back his favorite book, then climbed up on the couch and curled up next to me with his blankie so I could read it to him.

  17. Lori Olson

    What really made my month was passing my abate class, getting my motorcycle liscence, and buying my first bike

  18. Lori Olson

    Oh yeah Natasha Price sent me

  19. Leah Guyll

    Picking up my boy who is shared custody always makes my day!!! Also, my husband… Myself and 2 boys are heading to church to re paint widows… Helping, especially with my family always gives me a full heart!!

  20. Cindy Smith

    This week has been great! On break from classes, work is going well, got a new baby cousin :) and the kids have been in a pretty good mood all week. I’m gonna consider it all a win!

  21. Cyrena

    My week was made when my husband FINALLY got to come home from the hospital! (pancreatitis) The look on my daughters face when she got to see him was great!

  22. Raychel

    I am looking forward to vacation!!!

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