Girls Night?

I took Ellie with me to Fred Meyer recently to do a little birthday shopping for my dad. I already had the main part of his gift, but I always always always give him lots of chocolate every year so I had to pick some up. I put Ellie in the mini cart and we set […]

Pre-stain (and Tali looking worried)

Don’t you know the rules?

Setting: Adam walks in as I’m just finishing up staining the guest bedroom bed (which he built out of pine like 5 years ago).    Me: I’m almost done. Adam: Should you be breathing this? Me: Well it needed to be done and I’m very impatient. But I’m almost done, what do you think? Adam: […]

Golf balls on the side, please

Ahhhh… lunch with Dad at Moose’s Tooth… Server: “What can I get you to drink?” Dad: “I’ll have the, uh, PGA.” Server: “ummmm…” Me: “The IPA… haha…” Dad: “I knew it had a ‘G’ in it.”