Aaaaaand now I’m never eating hamburger again.

It cracks me up that my OBGYN can be sooooooo adamant about the importance and value of taking a birthing class… yet also be so nonchalant about labor drugs. I got a mini-lecture when I said that I wasn’t doing any classes, but when we talked about pain she just shrugged and told me “no […]

hk panties

I swear, we’re not trashy parents.

During a recent visit to “Gwama and Poppa’s” house, Ellie impressed everyone with her extensive knowledge of body parts (such a show-off, that one). My mother-in-law was almost in tears (of laughter) while sharing this story with me… Apparently, Ellie was sitting up on the kitchen counter talking with her grandpa, pointing to his nose and saying […]

Baby Anxiety

This was originally posted on in February 2009, when we had just made the decision to start trying for a baby. That was almost exactly one year before we actually got pregnant with Ellie… and I do still worry a little sometimes that I’m not capable of teaching her how to talk, or read, […]